Should I go Holy or Disc for PVE?

Currently, I have disc for PVP (which I intend to keep btw) and holy for PVE. However, some people said go disc for PVE atm and leave holy alone. Should I? What's the benefits of both? I like chakra, casting a renew and then flash heal with chakra on seems like it's pretty awesome. Should I give up holy? I haven't done any PVE on this girl in ages, and for cata I want to do both pve and pvp. Seems disc is great for tank heals, or is it better for raid heals? I hate raid healing, so what's best for tank heals? Also, since the patch things have changed, so I gotta ask, is SP and Intellect the way to gem/enchant on PVE gear? Should I dip into haste with reforge? Sorry for all the questions, im just a PVP buff looking for a little PVE action in the new expansion and maybe a bit before even.
If you hate raid healing don't go holy.
Just keep it as holy. the ICC content is doable with a pvp disc spec :P
Also it gives you more versatility with your character

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