Looking to roll a druid for cata.......

Hey guys, I am not a Druid, currently I have my trusty mage which has been my main for years. I love mages but it is time for something new, I want to start over from square one and level 1-85. I love casters, and DPS so of course I thought, oh balance would be great for me.
However, can I get some opinions on leveling as one? How quickly do you level or is it a slower progression? Also, how has the balance druid DPS been lately? Any information you guys could give me on Balance Druids would be great.

Thanks in advance!
Feral for speed leveling..Balance is kind of a issue because you have to mess around with the lunar and eclipse buff...
Balance is just as fast for killing mobs, if not faster, only downtime is drinking when mana is low

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