Herald of the Titans

Still need just 1 healer to round out our Herald group and then we can get the achievement done.

If you are interested and are capable but dont quite have a full set, (ilvl 226 armor, 232 weapons/offhand/ranged) please contact me and we'll see about setting up an uld 25 to help finish you up.

Prefer a shaman healer but at this point we'll take anything.
We need to move our timetable up. People are hypothesizing that we'll get the Shattering Tuesday instead of the week before the expansion, so we will need to do this either today (Saturday), Sunday, or Monday.
I'm all game but I am just not having any luck filling the final spot. :( Any help is appreciated!
I'll ask around Vox and see if anyone still has their sets. Maybe Church members have em... I know that one of the guys tanking this run had a resto shaman friend that healed his last one.
Kay, so I talked to Sêer and he's got a resto set together that should be ready for tomorrow. If we're going to do this, we'll need to do it tomorrow night if we can.

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