Ulduar 25 0 Light Mount GDKP for 11/21

Update: This was very successful last week and will be occurring again this Sunday.

As the subject suggests, myself and Chunks will be attempting to a host a 0 light GDKP run for sometime this weekend. We are still working on which day and time so it can benefit people that are interested in going. The requirements for going will be a bit strict, as we want this to go smoothly as possible, therefore, you must have obtained 1 light in 25 man to participate. 1 light from 10 man may be acceptable, however we would prefer it to be 25 man. If you're interested in purchasing the mount, I suggest bringing a lot of gold as I've already spoken to a few that have no problem dropping 6 digits right at the beginning of the bidding. Be ready to wipe a few times. We may 1 shot it, or we may take a few attempts, one way or the other I'm sure we'll get it down. All gold will be splint amongst everyone once the mount is distributed. If you're interested in participating in this, please contact myself or Chunks in game.

Date: Sunday 11/21
Time: 6:00 PM Server(PST)
Invites: 5:45 PM Server(PST)

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact myself or Chunks in game.
Do you prefer in-game mail, or a tell? I'm assuming the instance will need to be cleared first, correct?

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