What Turalyon is.

Turalyon makes me want to be a better person.
Duck, I don't like you as a Night Elf. You need to be tiny again.
Turalyon is great because I provide full service hugs.
I moved here from Shandris. Turalyon is the best server I've been on yet. Best ping, good uptime, decent folks. I'd say the only downside has been Might's disbanding. I hope that doesn't hurt the realm's polish too much in Cataclysm.
we got two good ret paladins :P

rawful and swolfz :P horde side FTW

is my picture showing me as a bloodelf but is saying im a troll lol
Can't help myself.

"That's what Turalyon is, you know. It's not just a server and some forums and continents and people, that's what Turalyon needs. But what this is... what Turalyon really is... is community."

What he said
Duck, I don't like you as a Night Elf. You need to be tiny again.

:P i think the ducket went insane
Turalyon is simply the best Eastern PvE server and the only server where my ping can go below 30ms, good stuff.
Ive been on a few servers, and I feel like Turalyon has been good to me. Until about 3mo ago I felt the balance has been great. Recently I have seen a lot of my friends and people I know faction change tho from alli to horde tho. Theres been quite a few, and WG on alli has been lacking to no end.

However with the shattering im seeing a lot of alli I havnt seen in a while so I hope Tol'Barad will be very popular and good like WG once was. Im just hoping the pvp issue ive been seeing lately is just a lack of interest issue (well wow has had like no content in forever now... and WG doesnt really hold interest anymore as Toravon is meh for gear now and no real reason besides the achieves anymore...)

That said this IS a PVE server so my arguement is kinda moot at that point.

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