What Turalyon is.

Well, Omni, part of the reason a lot of Alliance transferred to Horde was because of PvP. Alliance had a case of "grass is greener" syndrome and thought they'd win more if they went to Horde. This caused a mass exodus of PvPers to transfer to Horde for "easy wins," aka to be carried. If it was Alliance that seemed to win more often, the same thing would have happened in reverse.

I transferred to Horde because of PvE, not PvP. The guild I was in fizzled, so I went Horde to continue raiding 25mans. I was never very involved with PvP in Wrath. I usually only did Wintergrasp once in a while to get honor so I could buy gems (for my PvE gear, lol).
Turalyon is a place where killing Gamon is not just a mission.

Its a lifestyle.
Here, I'll provide a change of pace for this thread.

Here is an examination of the hero this realm is named after: General Turalyon, one of the first five Knights of the Silver Hand, and the Paladin who served as second in command to Supreme Allied Commander Anduin Lothar during the Second War. His whereabouts are currently unknown. It isn't even known if he still lives.


Also, Sylvanas is his sister-in-law, and Rhonin is his brother-in-law.
That's right, I'm a lore nerd.
Sylvanas and Rhonin are related?
Rhonin married Vereesa Windrunner, Sylvanas's other sister.
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Rhonin married Vereesa Windrunner, Sylvanas's other sister.

RIP Rhonin
My boredom led me here.... HI!
my boredom led me to necro the thread
Turalyon gave me cake.
metalfist, in turalyon, the dingoes eat your baybay


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