Launcher keeps downloading 800mb patch ....

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I've got a full updated copy of the client on my laptop. I logged in after patching upto the most recent version of WoW and it was all working fine.

Now a day later, when I log in it keeps wanting to re-download the 800mb of data. I deleted my WTF folder and 2 other files wow.tfil and wow.mfil and it let me back on without needing to re-load, i did some dungeons etc. I logged back on this morning and once again it wants me to download 800mb patch.

I've found that if i launch wow.exe I can avoid the launcher and play without it wanting to re-download anything, but i'd like to get the launcher actually functioning properly again.

Any help would be appreciated.

If I don't get any help I guess i'll have to find a way to copy the WoW folder to my laptop again...
I am having this same issue, I copy the World of Warcraft sub-directory over to a second computer, it starts from the launcher just fine for a couple times, then after that, the launcher decides it needs the entire last patch ~800MB.

I have a download cap, so I would prefer not to waste it on 2 full patches. Doeas anyone see a solution besides letting the second computer's launcher run in circles?

EDIT: the client starts up in the correct build if I just run wow.exe, and the launcher has the latest build number on it.

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