Finding achievement server/guild

So I have tried several different methods to find a server or guild with good achievement support with little success. I looked at the top achievement points guilds and looked at their websites (most have heavy raiding schedules). I have posted on the achieve forums looking for an achievement guild and only got one reply. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me in my search for a guild/server to transfer to?
If you are interested, we are pretty achievement focused as a guild. We are a small guild on Stormreaver with more mature (aka adult) players. We do progression raiding only 2 nights a week, Tuesday and Thursday (8 central time), with achievement or other fun runs happening most nights of the week. Three of us have over 10k achieve points and a few aren't far behind us.

Let me know if you are interested! Pop on as an alt and pst, or check out or website at

Your guild sounds perfect. That being said Im not sure how thrilled my significant other will be about faction-changing...... hmm
Bump, any horde achievement guilds?

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