The Leet Cheese Is Recruiting

The Leet Cheese Is Recruiting

The Leet Cheese is a new guild on Garona who is currently openly recruiting any lvl 80 players over the age of 18. We are a fun guild run by people who have a lot of WoW experience thru BC and LK. Currently we are looking to fill the guild with as many active players for leveling thru Cataclysm, and doing 10m Cataclysm raids. Raid times will be 7-10pm (server) and the days have not been set in stone. If you are interested please send in game male to Norcia or Fastseven or shoot us a whisper if u see us on. We look forward to seeing you in game!
yeah, we know your recruiting, you spam trade every 5 minutes telling us your recruiting, thanks.
Every 5 minutes is very over exaggerated. You are more then welcome to put me or anyone from my guild on ignore if you dont wish to see our recruitment adds anymore. Sorry for any inconvenience our adds may have caused you Ibzan.
How many days a week are you guys planning on raiding?
How many days a week are you guys planning on raiding?

same question.
Three days a week...times are not set in stone but will be around 7:30-10:30 server, give or take 30 mins.
As a new member I will say this guild is exactly what I have been looking for. The guild has strong leadership, and more importantly, dedicated members who work hard for the guild and not necessarily for themselves. Everyone is excited about raiding, and it shows.

Just throwing in my two cents. Thanks Fast and Nor for your hard work.

This guilds seems nice, but very annoying at the same time.
You would trust Norcia to run a guild? Look what happened to Endgame. Funny how power gets to people's heads who cannot even run a guild. Pathetic!

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