<Archetype> Is Recruiting!

Archetype is a newly formed guild on Cenarius that is now recruiting for Cataclysm. Our focus is going to be 10 man raids in the new expansion.

As of right now, we have a few people who are serious about raiding and have extensive experience. We are looking for more able raiders who are serious, want to progress and want to raid effectively.

We are currently recruiting the following:

Feral Druid
Death Knight

Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin

If your class/spec isn't listed here, and you are an exceptional player, feel free to apply anyway.

About Us:
<Archetype> is founded by raiders who have been playing and raiding since the beginning of this game. We have experience from full Sunwell (pre-nerf) clears and 11/12 Heroic Icecrown Citadel. This guild is aiming to compete for server firsts while maintaining a fairly flexible schedule.

Although we have a fairly casual schedule, we intend to become a competitive guild. We take raiding and progression seriously. Joking around and having fun is encouraged, but not at the expense of wiping.

Our main goal is to create a guild that will last and to create a group of raiders that not only enjoy raiding, but enjoy raiding with one another. The goal is longevity and guilds that have angry raiders that do not get along don't last very long.

Raiding Schedule:
Tuesday-Thursday, 8:00pm-11:00pm EST (5:00-8:00 PST/Server).

You will be expected to commit to this schedule. We are understanding when it comes to issues in real life, but recognize that your rank as a raider may be at jeopardy if you miss too many raids.

We expect people who are serious about raiding to have reached level 85 in 2 weeks. To accelerate the leveling process, we will organize groups to run dungeons and so on. Once we reach 85, we will organize groups to farm heroics to gear up as quickly as possible to beginning raiding.

Loot Rules:
Loot will be distributed using Loot Council. The Loot Council will be the Guild Master, an officer and a different random raider each raid. Loot will go to wherever we feel it will benefit the raid and the guild as a whole.

Our website is archetype.guildlaunch.com. Applications go here.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact Phanes or Xtract in game.

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