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FINAL UPDATE - 05/14/2011.

Dear Moon Guardians,

It is with heavy heart that I announce what has been a long-time coming:

I have canceled my subscription, and after the 18th will no longer be able to post here.

I hope someone will carry the banner forward and start a new sticky guildlisting or some other method of keeping guilds out there and available for new Moon Guardians looking for homes!

Much love, and if you need to get in touch with me later, you can find me at

Farewell and best of luck!

Shaktiri / Sindi Sunwing / Lisa Mona Vito.


Welcome to the Moon Guard Realm Guild Listing!

Think of this as the classified pages of the Azerothian newspaper!

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Thread will be updated every 7-10 days!

Horde Guilds start at : Post #2

Alliance Guilds start at : Post #9


Notes for POSTERS -

Please Limit short descriptions to 1-2 lines and Create a Guild Website!

For my own sanity, I won't list contact info in the master list, since it changes frequently.

Update your own guild information as it changes and let me know if I need to update the master list.

"Faction" line is not necessary unless Neutral

    ( i.e. you have an adjacent guild on H and A)

FREE sites to make a Guild Website at:

Notes for READERS -

  • Guilds are listed alphabetically

  • "The" guilds will be listed in order by the first word after "The"

    • i.e. "The Mountain Guard" is an "M" guild)

  • People wanting more information on a guild should look up the detailed guild post in this thread ("See Post #"), go to the guild website, or visit armory to find an officer.

  • >>>>Please use the following format for your post and keep your entries short.


    Do not add extra returns, brackets, long entries, or other "special" formatting to the form. Although you may think it makes your guild stand out more, it's more work for me to edit your entry for the main listing. Please have some consideration for the person who has to edit each entry and fit it into limited space.


    Just a note for everyone - Short Descrips are only 1-2 lines, Space is filling up so I will start editing if needed in order to give everyone a fairly equal amount of characters ( IE anything in a "short descrip" past two lines becomes "..." and visitors can go read your post if they want more.)

    PLEASE keep postings in proper format so they are easy to add to main listing!

    Guild Name:
    <Website here>
    RP Style: <please limit to a few words>
    PvP Style: <please limit to a few words>
    PvE/Raid Style: <please limit to a few words>
    See Post #___ <Leave blank if not sure>
    Short Description:

    aka OOC Summary of Guild theme, 1-2 BRIEF Lines


    " heavy raiding guild with minimum level 60 requirement"
    or "Goblin pirates seeking land & treasure of their own".

    Detailed Description:

    aka your IC / long description, however much you want to put here


    AAI Institution
    RP Style: Heavy, Events almost every night.
    PvP Style: Player's preference
    PvE/Raid Style: Very casual raiding; heriocs
    See Post # 168
    We are an academy style guild that hosts IC classes on differnt topics such as Alchemy, Mechanics, Combat, Plague Science and Medicine, History, etc. Many fun classes! 25+, 65+ for Dks!

    Altered Reality
    RP Style: Social RP, some events are set up
    PvP Style: Player discretion.
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy Raiding; 25-mans, 10-mans all current Cataclysm content
    See Post #161
    Raiding guild with no minimum level. Very Family friendly, some RP elements
    For more info visit website or whisper an officer in-game.

    RP Style: Militia, very light military, Heavy RP
    PvP Style: N/A
    PvE/Raid Style: We do a bit of everything together

    Animus is a Horde sanctioned militia/mercenary group that does work for the Earthen Ring and anyone who can foot the bill/doesn't mind moderate to heavy property damage...

    RP Style: To each their own. Some RP, some don't.
    PvP Style: Med-Heavy. Run pre-mades regulary, rated BG's inc.
    PvE/Raid Style: 25 mans: 3 Nights, Off nights: 10 man alt runs
    See Post #64
    Astalder is an adult raiding guild, focused on 25man progression (Tues/Thurs/Fri). Some members also dabble in PvP & RP, instead of/and raiding.

    Azeroth Tours LLC
    RP Style: Light-hearted. Tour Guides of Azeroth.
    PvP Style: Individual's Choice
    PvE/Raid Style: None as a guild
    See Post #97
    Azeroth Tours LLC is a company that gives tours of Azeroth, from Dalaran to Tanaris. Any member of the company may give these tours, and training is available.

    The Bahari
    RP Style: <Medium/Casual>
    PvP Style: <On Occasion>
    PvE/Raid Style: <Weekly dungeon runs - No Raiding>
    See Post #155
    Casual guild, no obligations to be on every day! Fun, and very helpful guild members.

    Banepaw Fellowship
    RP Style: Heavy and story-driven
    PvP Style: Unrelated to the guild; player discretion
    PvE/Raid Style: One night per week in Cataclysm 10 mans
    See Post #30
    Banepaw is an RP focused guild based on tauren spirituality. Very small, exclusive and tight-knit. However, our frequent RP includes players from many different guilds.

    Before the Dawn
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Medium - Heavy
    PvE/Raid Style: 10-Man Guild Raids, Numerous 5-man groups
    See Post #53
    Before the Dawn is a tight-knit mercenary group, willing to do anything if the price is right.

    Big Game Hunters
    RP Style: Medium
    PvP Style: Eventually BGs (Rated), Arenas and World
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual

    We utilize the wars as a way of satiating whatever we seek, whether it is personal wealth, honor, glory or simply the thrill of the hunt...What we are is a group of friends that aid each other in our goals.

    The Blightstalkers
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style:Medium
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual
    See Post #145
    Med-heavy RP-PvP guild. We accept Forsaken and Blood Elves, though our true loyalties lie with the Banshee Queen. Ultimately, we seek to truly conquer Lordaeron...

    RP Style: Medium-Heavy
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: Will be a progression guild once we get the members.

    Very Active Medium-Heavy RP (many events) / Casual Progression guild. Orc, Troll, and Tauren only.

    Bloodied Blade Clan
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Moderate. Will embrace PVP if others engage in it.
    PvE/Raid Style: Will raid In-character old-world. Searching for a co-op pure raid guild for progression. Will help others level/do instancing.

    Bulwark of the Horde
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style:Heavy, but mostly with RP involved
    PvE Style:Medium
    See Post #80
    The Bulwark of the Horde is more or less, shield type of group, focused on defending all Horde lands and attacking when the time is right. Lvl 40 or higher. Dk's must be lvl 70

    Burning Tusk Tribe
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Medium-Heavy (premade battle grounds)
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium-Heavy (One ten man group raiding 2 times a week, several heroic runs)
    See Post #17
    A Tribe dedicated to preserving the uniqueness of each of the races and fight for a secured home of their own.

    RP Style: light to heavy, ftf only (guild chat is social)
    PvP Style: Play hard in Battlegrounds
    PvE/Raid Style: small group, informal raiding for fun

    Casual players guild, no level limit/min, mature, fun. Variety of time-zones. Invite only.

    RP Style: Heavy RPers in our "off raid" time.
    PvP Style: Arena focused members in "off raid" time. Some RP/PvP
    PvE/Raid Style: 25 Man Raiding Guild

    Heavy PvE 3-4 Day a week 25 man Raiding Guild. House many members who enjoy Heavy RP and RP/PvP in their leisure time.

    Crimson Edge
    RP Style: Light RP
    PvP: Nothing formally organized.
    PvE/Raid Style: Midcore. Raiding 3 nights a week, a little later in the evening.

    A 10-man focused Raiding guild for raids in WotLK and in Cataclysm. Raiding times are a little bit later due to time zone differences among its core members.

    Danagarde Sovereignty
    RP style: Heavy RP/ RP-PvP
    PvP Style: Battlegrounds PvP, World RP-PvP
    PvE/Raid Style: Decision of current members.
    Forsaken Promoting organization. RP-PvP in the cause of the Forsaken.

    Faction: Neutral (Horde division)
    Website: None
    RP Style: Medium to Light
    PvP Style: Very casual
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual
    Very small RP/PvE guild, mostly interested in hiring out to other guilds.

    RP Style: Medium, house-based.
    PvP Style: Light, player's preference.
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium, heroics and 10-man.
    See Post # 101
    Laid-back, fun-loving people who like to RP and raid. Casuals and alts welcomed.

    Contact Info: In-Game: Ivorydawn[n], Almarath, Vaynette, Rheiss
    RP Style: Med. - Heavy RP
    PvP Style: As Per Player Preference
    PvE/Raid Style: As Per Player Preference, Casually seeking end-game content
    RP guild scouting for characters seeking personal plots & social interactions. Aligned & sworn to aid the Argent Dawn & Crusade, also accepting interviews for staff for its Ratchet inn

    Dominion of the Sun
    RP Style: Required
    PvP Style: Encouraged
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual
    See post #32
    The Dominion is a blood elf themed RP-PVP guild that engages in all aspects of the game. We accept avid roleplayers (regardless of race) who wish to contribute to an evolving guild storyline and enjoy the rest of the game along the way.

    Dusk and Dawn
    RP Style: Light/Social RP
    PvP Style: Personal
    PvE/Raid Style: 10 man progression
    See Post # 171
    We are a light, laid back and fun group of people looking to raid and progress through content while still having fun and enjoying our daily lives. Warning: 18+, Not for the faint of heart

    Eternal Darkness
    RP Style: Lite
    PvP Style: Lite
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium
    Casual laid back raiding guild that is accepting members we currently are in need of healers and ranged dps

    RP Style: Medium-Heavy
    PvP Style: Opportunistic, Medium
    PvE/Raid Style: Light, more often in-character
    See Post #110
    We're a lore-heavy roleplaying guild that is a player extension of the Farstriders faction found in-game and in lore. Looking for hunter and rogue (Lvl. 40 and up) roleplayers with appropriate concepts.

    Foosco Mafia
    RP Style: Med/Heavy RP, organized crime, goblin-centric
    PvP Style: Light. member's choice.
    PvE/Raid Style: None-Light. member's choice.
    See Post #121
    Foosco Mafia is a heavy-med RP crime guild! We're newly formed, and looking for active roleplayers to fill our ranks! Basing the story of our guild off a pre-made backstory and our own guild RP / events, we hope to reach high standards and meet great expectations.

    The Forbidden Covenant
    RP Style: Med/Heavy, Dark/Evil, Mature
    PvP Style: Casual
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual
    See Post #94
    Primarily RP, for toons who dislike Thrall or the Horde in general. Open to all races/levels/classes. We RP frequently, both randomly and in planned events, and as of late, are focusing on casual raids

    The Fourth Chamber
    RP Style: NA
    PvP Style: Casual
    PvE/Raid Style: Instances & Raids casually.
    See Post #118
    The Fourth Chamber is a close-knit group of friends who have reformed into a guild in order to advance forward in our personal goals in game, meeting new people and forming new friendships, and having fun in our chosen ways within the game...
    HORDE GUILDS (cont.)

    Fury of the Warsong.
    Website: None as of yet.
    RP Style: Heavy.
    PvP Style: Medium, not required but a big part of the RP.
    PvE/Raid Style: Very Light.
    See Post #78
    Heavy RP / PvP guild, level 15 guild requirement (65 for death knights.) Elves and undead need not apply.

    RP Style: Light (encouraged)
    PvP Style: Medium
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium
    A community seeking compatible people that want a better experience from the game.

    The Gravestone Legion
    RP Style: none
    PvP Style: none, up to members
    PvE/Raid Style: 10 man only
    See Post #100
    We are a late night raiding guild, 10 man only focused guild.

    Grimtotem Mercenaries
    RP Style: Medium
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: Light
    Created as a Vanity guild for the one named Grimful Ebonwind, The Grimtotem mercs now have open doors.. For those who's back story fits in..

    The Hammer of Liadrin
    RP Style: Heavy Military RP.
    PvP Style: Casual.
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual (old-world RP gear/lore gathering runs only).
    The Hammer of Liadrin is a Heavy Military RP guild, with a strong focus on quality RP, and the exploration of Warcraft Lore.

    The Hawktotem Tribe
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Medium - Heavy
    PvE/Raid Style: Not much

    Tauren Tribal guild led by Hranu, plays deep into Rp-PvP, hosting events for it's members and paired Alliance guild. 10+ for regulars, 62+ for Death Knights. Not all events will be PvP related, and will have non-PvP events.

    The Highwaymen
    RP Style: Moderate
    PvP Style: Heavy BG and Moderate Arena, 10k HK minimum requirement to join
    PvE/Raid Style: Raiding little to none as a guild, group heroics

    We are a tight-knit, social group that likes a little bit of everything, with a very strong PvP focus and moderate RP. We are not a raiding guild, but we're getting back into 10-man content as a guild after a break.

    House Dawnfire
    RP: Medium in person, OOC Guild Chat
    PvE/Raid: Quest help available. Not raiding.
    PvP: Not required

    Medium RP guild portraying the revival of a minor branch of a Quel'Thalas noble house. Membership through RP interaction open to male Blood Elves of compatible interests only.

    House of the Lightwalker
    RP: Med-Heavy, required
    PvE/Raid: Not enough 80's yet to raid, but enough members to help with questing
    PvP: Not required

    Heavy RP guild, good/neutral alignment, house style RP.

    House of the Rising Sun
    RP Style: None.
    PvP Style: Medium/Heavy
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium/Heavy
    See post #46
    A hardcore-but-casual style raiding guild catered to players with lives outside the game (work, school, etc).

    House Silvacce
    RP Style: Medium-Heavy RP. Guild chat is OOC, and we have an IC communication channel.
    Pvp Style: Some of our members PvP.
    PvE/Raid Style: A few leisurely raids ever so often.
    See Post #44
    House Silvacce is a medium to heavy roleplay guild on the Moon Guard sever. One of Moon Guard's first and oldest House-Style guilds, House Silvacce strives to maintain a fully functioning Noble House of Silvermoon.

    House Sunrunner
    RP Style: Heavy RP
    PvP Style: Medium PvP - Arena based
    PvE/Raid Style: Vanilla/BC raids for RP gear
    See Post #119
    One of the oldest surviving House guilds on Moon Guard, House Sunrunner is recruiting exceptional RPers. Being a noble house of Quel'thalas, we are mainly looking for Sin'dorei, though we're not exclusive to such.

    RP Style: Heavy Faction/Organization
    PvP Style: Defensive, Tactical
    PvE/Raid Style: Story/Plot Driven, In Character
    See Post #74
    Faction and Order of Guardians made of Nomads, Outcasts, Exiles and Orphans. Seek to survive, flourish and Aid those in need inside and out of the Guild.

    Inglorious BastHordes
    RP Style: NA
    PvP Style: NA
    PvE/Raid Style: 10 mans, Currently running scheduled heroics 3 days a week to gear and prepare for raids.
    See Post #124
    Casual but Serious 10man raiding guild focused on progression and achievements.No RP or PvP ties, but they are encouraged for players who wish to do so.[/i]

    Iron Dragon
    RP Style: Light/Optional
    PvP Style: Light - Several members participate in Battlegrounds and Arena
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy - 25 man focus
    See post #54
    A weekday medium/heavy raiding community with a strong and long history of excellence in ability as well as character on Moon Guard.
    HORDE (cont.)

    The Inquisition
    RP Style: Heavy RP
    PvP Style: Medium (Very encouraged)
    PvE/Raid Style: 10man raid aspirations. Heroics.
    See Post #114
    We are a friendly group of RPers who have all been and done the raiding guild idea before. Yet we all came to hope to find other RPers who have skill in both pve and pvp and yet are still capable and exceptional RPers.

    Kiss of the Betrayer
    RP Style: Medium-Heavy RP
    PvP Style: Personal preference.
    PvE/Raid Style: Personal preference.

    The first church of the Light for the Horde. RP is medium-heavy, but structure is casual.

    Knight of Liadrin
    RP Style: Medium RP, Military style guild
    PvP Style: Premades and World PvP
    PvE/Raid Style: 5mans/10mans(occasionally), World Events
    See Post #37
    Knight of Liadrin is a military RP guild dedicated to the Blood Knight Order and in service to the Horde. Our rules and requirements can be strict, but make the RP experience as rewarding as it can be challenging at times.

    The Legacy
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Player preference, some BG, some world
    PvE/Raid Style: Leveling, IC dungeon runs, heroics

    The Legacy is not a military nor religious sect, its not striving for world domination or supreme power, the residents simply wish to have a place to live.

    Lespri a Samedi
    RP Style: Heavy RP, lore adherent, Troll only
    PvP Style: Occasional IC excursions.
    PvE/Raid Style: ZA/ZG, troll 5 mans.
    Focusing on Troll lore, customs, rituals, and engaging storylines we are a troll only guild that is allied to the Darkspear but open to all tribes.

    Lucky Sun Imports
    RP Style: Full immersion guild/Pirate, sea RP
    PVP: Required to advance
    PVE/Raid: co-raid with Winborn, 10mans(?), old world raids
    We are a pirate guild with a Import company as our front.

    RP Style: D&D RP, Dungeon RP, Medium-Heavy
    PvP Style: Non-existent
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual
    See Post #166
    Remember the way RP used to be? Back when everyone played D&D? If that's something you like doing or would like to try, whisper me in-game or visit our website to learn more!

    Morbid Dissonance
    RP Style: Heavy (Lawful neutral with evil tendancies)
    PvP Style: Heavy (World PvP)
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual, as more gear up we will pug missing spots for ICC 10 Regularly.
    Seeing Silvermoon as a stagnant pond, and in discord with the (traditional) horde, they have rally'd to the last pillar of their once glorious kingdom, Queen Sylvanas. With Lorderon as their new home, MD protects the Lady's Domain through any means necessary.

    No Quarter
    RP Style: N/A
    PvP Style: Medium
    PvE/Raid Style: Strict 10man
    See Post #105
    Close group of friends who are serious about raid progression.

    RP Style: light, casual, member-driven
    PvP Style: medium, casual
    PvE/Raid Style: medium-heavy, casual
    See Post #57
    Close-knit, social, casual, all-purpose guild with no restrictions or requirements and only one rule: be kind, nice, and generally awesome to everyone.

    RP Style: no RP
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: just forming a 10 man raid group
    Small 10man raid guild with an emphasis on strong team dynamics, and focused progress

    Order of the Hourglass
    RP Style: Medium-Heavy
    PvP Style: None
    PvE/Raid Style: Friendly Guild will take members occasionally.
    A military/academy style guild looking for recruits who would be willing to serve in any military rank. In-Character interview required. Alignment is Lawful Neutral-Good. GHI recommended, but -definitely- not required.

    Rising Dawn (for now)
    RP Style: Heavy, Storyline, Long-term, Dedicated
    PvP Style: At the discretion of the guild members: though if desired, organized guild-to-guild PvP is acceptable and will be discussed.
    PvE/Raid Style: Current content progression is undesired and not our main goal. We try to run old-world raids and dungeons for the sake of role play loot and entertainment.
    See Post #129
    Rising Dawn is a heavy role play guild with a tribal focus that acts as a sanctuary for lost travelers, the weary, and those who are in need of guidance. As its leader is a tauren, the guild takes on many aspects of a tauren tribe, though is not limited to this race alone...
    HORDE (cont.)

    The Roaring Rock Clan ((Needs updated, please bear with me))
    RP Style: Heavy RPers, aiming to PVE and PVP through Cata.
    PvP Style: Arena, World, Battlegrounds, Etc...
    PvE/Raid Style: Unstated yet.
    See Post #75
    An Orc/Troll/Tauren RP Guild, intending to try and branch into every aspect of the game as our numbers swell. However, Roleplay is our Heavy Focus. Contact Grimzor via in-game mail.

    Root Tender Tribe:
    RP Style: Medium/Heavy
    PvP Style: personal
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy, our calender is packed with old raids, you never have to worry about missing out because there;s always something schedualed for next week!
    See Post #158
    We're a grass root types of guild. Getting to know your heritage, traditions, spiritual connections, ancient lore, etc.

    Royal Apothecary Society
    RP Style: Heavy, based on Forsaken lore
    PvP Style: No focus
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual with RP
    See Post #104
    Lore-based roleplaying guild. Currently looking for roleplayers levels 15 and up, primarily Undead, though we'll take L60+ Death Knights of any race in limited numbers. Eventually we'll also take in other races as test subjects.

    RP Style: Many of us RP, but we aren't a RP guild.
    PvP Style: Same as RP. Many of us partake and enjoy PvP, but you don't have to.
    PvE/Raid Style: 10-mans, semi-casual.
    See Post #71
    Ruination is a close knit 10-man raiding guild looking for members to enjoy the Cataclysm raiding content to it's fullest.

    Sanctus Presidium
    RP Style: Heavy, but optional.
    PvP Style: Heavy, but optional.
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy, but optional.
    See Post #77
    New guild preparing for cataclysm. All classes/levels over 20 welcome for Role Play. Looking to fill core raid spots for Catacylsm content (80 only). Guild accomodates all types of players (Raiders/PvP/RP or all three!)

    Scales of Azeroth
    RP Style: Heavy RP-centered guild.
    PvP Style: Member's preference. May increase in time.
    PvE/Raid Style: Very light. May increase in time.
    See Post #172
    Heavy RP guild looking for active members that know how to roleplay well. Evil and goodly characters both welcome. In-Game goal is keeping balance between good and evil.

    RP Style: Light/casual
    PvP Style: Light/casual
    PvE/Raid Style: Light/casual
    See Post #108
    A small, friendly guild created by friends who wanted to get away from all the large guild drama. Help and be helped is the name of the game, or 'You Scratch my back, I'll Scratch yours!'.[/i]

    Screaming Bees
    RP Style: Social, some of our players RP
    PvP Style: Social, some of our players PvP
    PvE/Raid Style: Social, some of our players raid.
    See Post #39
    We are Moon Guards largest social/leveling guild, and have been around for years We are actively insane during long nights and lovely weekends.

    Sellsword Society
    RP Style: Optional (IC concept)
    PvP Style: Optional
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual (weekly ICC10)
    Casual, family-style raiding guild catering to adult players -- we run ICC10 once a week.

    The Shadarim /
    RP Style: Heavy (Biased towards Evil)
    PvP Style: Heavy (World PvP)
    PvE/Raid Style: None
    Sworn to the Dark Lady and the Forgotten Shadow, the brothers and sisters of the Shadarim move to advance the ideals of their race, their religion, and their patron Sylvanas. A more detailed description is available on the Moon Guard Wiki.

    Shadow Hunters Society
    RP Style: Light/Medium (Optional) - Occasional RP Events, Ongoing IC Storyline
    PvP Style: Very Low - Occasional BG, World PVP discouraged
    PvE/Raid Style: Very High - Quests, Instances, Heroics, Raids. Casually Hardcore.
    See Post #103
    Laid-back, goofy people who know how to get things done. We're casually addicted, hardcore gamers who want to have fun with some awesome people.

    Shadowprey War Party
    RP Style: Range from Medium to Heavy
    PvP Style: For funsies!
    PvE/Raid Style: Yes, we like to PvE
    See Post #115
    Volunteer militia of Shadowprey, and their close buddies. Mainly a "chill with friends and RP" kinda thing. No Belfs, no Undead.

    RP Style: Light-Medium
    PvP Style: Optional
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium/Casual Raid (mostly instances & 10 man)
    Social, balanced guild for casual to serious gamers that places OOC maturity and fun as a priority.
    HORDE (cont.)

    Silver Twilight Society
    RP Style: Medium - Heavy (IC guild chat)
    PvP Style: Encouraged, player's choice
    PvE/Raid Style: nothing set yet.
    See Post #148
    The Silver Twilight Society was created by a small group of Elven, Forsaken, and Troll mages that were set on strengthening the allegiances of the Horde races.

    RP Style: None, but it's not discouraged.
    PvP Style: BGs/casual
    PvE/Raid Style: Evening/Weekend raids, heroics for gear/JP/VP, casual leveling
    See Post #51
    Small, friendly guild looking for people to fill our core raiding group for Cata. We also accept casual players of all level!

    The Southfury Raiders
    RP style: Heavy RP PvP
    PvP Style: Battlegrounds/RP-PvP
    PvE/Raid Style: Some classic/BC content.
    Guerilla Warfare based RP-PvP guild. Accepting all races and classes.

    RP Style: Light-medium, player's choice
    PvP Style: Casual, player's choice
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual 10m, player's choice
    See Post #144
    Steelbound is a small, tight-knit social guild, dedicated to having fun and making new friends!

    Stormblade Clan
    RP style: Light to med
    PVP style: light
    PVE/Raid; med to heavy
    See Post #79
    Close guild of people looking for more to be friends, raid and rp with. Orcish in nature but all misfits are welcome. Must not be afraid of danger or insanity, hating dragons helps too.

    Stormrock Clan
    RP Style: Heavy (IC guild chat, OOC channel)
    PvP Style: Light to Medium (Some RP-PvP)
    PvE/Raid Style: Light/Casual 10s, heroic 5s, RP gear runs.
    See Post #147
    Membership limited to Orcs, Tauren, and Trolls lv 20+. Clan focuses on spiritualism, traditions, and protecting Kalimdor.

    Subtle Immorality
    RP Style: Chaotic Neutral/Crime Heavy RP
    PvP Style: Encouraged
    PvE/Raid Style: N/A
    Merc/Crime style heavy RP guild, with application and IC interview. Level 10/60 req.

    Sunborne Legacy
    RP Style: Ranging from Light to Heavy depending on Player
    PvP Style: House / Academy style
    PvE/Raid Style: Normal PvE / Light Casual Raiding
    See Post #146
    The house of Sunborne has risen once more like the rising of the sun at Dawn. Lady Yvaynne seeks all members of the Horde willing to band together for the good of all.

    Sunspear Clan
    RP Style: Light/Med RP
    PvP Style: Medium
    PvE/Raid Style: Med/Light (Still Growing)
    Light/Med RP for beginners. All horde races welcome.

    The Undercity Accord
    RP Style: Heavy RP
    PvP Style: Recurring RP based PVP
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual, lacks player base for raiding.
    Forsaken only RP-PVP guild, dedicated to the ideals of Forsaken power.

    The Verin Company
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual
    Heavy RP mercenary guild. Level 20 req. All classes and races welcome.

    Veldbarad Bornevalesh
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Light (Not required, but certainly something we enjoy.)
    PvE/Raid Style: None, hoping to hit Light some day.
    Filthy, nasty crooks with no real direction except to make money and have one hell of a time doing it. So long as you're useful to the business, there's a place for you in the family.

    RP Style: Light. More of a "Hey, anyone wanna rp?" and "Sure, where at?" sort of deal.
    PvP Style: Med-Heavy. Between wrecking havoc, BGing together, and people doing arenas, we're busy.
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy. We are majorly a raiding guild.
    Very casual and super social guild. We deal in lots of shenanigans, however-this guild isn't for people without thickish skins. As an RP note, we are mostly stated as a mercenary company.

    RP Style: N/A
    PvP Style: N/A
    PvE/Raid Style: 10 man
    See Post #93
    Small casual raiding guild. Emphasis is placed on personality and attitude as opposed to gear and experience.
    HORDE Cont.

    The Wyrmscar Initiative
    Website: (None yet, newly formed)
    RP Style: Heavy Traditional Horde rp (all races welcome)
    PvP Style: Casual, encouraged.
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual, encouraged. (med-heavy when cata drops)
    Heavy RP/leveling guild, Heavy RP/Raiding come cataclysm.

    Wyvern Company
    Website: N/A
    RP Style: Required but loose and casual.
    PvP Style: Serious but light-hearted.
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual.
    A military contracting company dedicated to perfecting the combat of a few soldiers and inserting them into places where they can turn the tide of battle.

    Website: Currently N/A
    RP Style: Heavy RP, Night Elf only
    PvP Style: Player preference, premades in the future
    PvE/Raid Style: Leveling, IC dungeon runs, heroic farming in the future

    We use our guild theme of striving for world and kaldorei balance, via night elf culture and close ties with Wyrmrest, as a context for individual story development. We accept all levels and classes, GHI addon recommended.

    Alliance Forward Unit
    Website: N/A
    RP Style: Med-Heavy military
    PvP Style: None for now.
    PvE/Raid Style: Light heroics/raids, medium leveling.

    A quick response unit to forces threatening the Alliance. Accepting all classes and races

    RP Style: Encouraged, player's choice
    PvP Style: Encouraged, player's choice
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy, 10man strict
    See Post #20
    Serious 10man raiding guild focused on progression and achievements.
    No RP or PvP ties, but they are encouraged for players who wish to do so.

    <The Ashen Tree> Academy
    RP Style: Heavy RP university for all classes
    PvP Style: Only in RP defense
    PvE/Raid Style: Not a PvE guild
    See Post # 83
    Very active - events almost every night, organized, dedicated leadership, fair and self determined rank advancement. Over 3 years running. All races, classes, and levels welcome.

    The Black Company
    Website: (OOC); (IC)
    RP Style: Medium. Guild chat is IC, with separate OOC channel. Weekly IC meetings and regular RP events.
    PvP Style: Individual player preference.
    PvE/Raid Style: 10-man strict progression raiding.

    Mercenary company in service to the Alliance; run by a gnome, so occasionally irreverent. Military, not criminal RP and 10-man PvE.

    The Blood Oath
    RP Style: Medium RP with Heavy RP aspects
    PvP Style: Some world PvP.
    PvE/Raid Style: Wed and Thursday 10 mans, Alt runs. Times TBA.
    See Post # 89
    RP/Social/Raiding Hybrid guild. Have vent, bank slots, experienced raiders and fun!

    Brotherhood of the Dawn
    RP Style: Involved; OOC Guild Chat.
    PvP Style: Involved in the community or OOC organized teams when applicable.
    PvE/Raid Style: 10 man focus, have cleared ICC effortlessly. We have a good selection of raid competent officers who are interested in continuing in Cataclysm
    See Post #40
    Argent Crusade themed guild that is active and committed to quality role play on the server. Highly active and the only such themed guild on Alliance side to date.

    The Church of Northshire
    RP Style: Heavy RP
    PvP Style: Personal preference
    PvE/Raid Style: Personal preference
    See Post #134
    Heavy RP Clergy and Knighthood founded on WC1 & WC2 lore (Priest, Pally and Warrior only)

    Citizens of Gilneas

    RP Style: Heavy - Player ran city
    PvP Style: Player's Choice
    PvE/Raid Style: N/A
    See Post #36
    If you're looking for an extremely well planned Player Ran City RP guild, then <Citizens of Gilneas>(CoG) is for you! CoG is ran almost completely on Gryphonheart Items. GHI is needed to participate in our fully functional economic/gathering systems.

    Coterie of Arms
    RP Style: Light
    PvP Style: Medium-Heavy
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium-Heavy

    We're a 10 man raiding guild comprised of intelligent raiders looking to build and go head first in Cataclysm ten mans. We also engage in arena, world pvp, and BGs.

    Cryptic Tide
    RP Style: Med-Heavy RP
    PvP Style: Casual
    PvE/Raid Style: Roleplay event/Roleplay gear raids. Mainly Vanilla/BC Raids.

    A guild created just for all you adventure seeking roleplayers out there. We've just formed and will be having weekly RP raids, dungeons and expeditions around azeroth as events. Lvl 30+

    The Dark Alliance
    RP Style: We do not tend to RP at all.
    PvP Style: Little to no PvP
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual-Medium raiding guild

    We are a medium level raiding guild that is always looking for more members to grow with us.
    ALLIANCE (cont.)

    Dark Edge of Light
    RP Style: Medium to Heavy RP strongly encouraged, Guild Chat is RP.
    PvP Style: At descretion of individuals, though defending our cities and lands is ALWAYS encouraged.
    PvE/Raids: We RP in dungeons when we can, Raiding is Casual at this time.
    See Post #90
    Currently looking to rebuild after a LOT of losses of players and a rather dead period, 5 bank slots and an OOC Channel, experienced RP'ers make the core of the guild.

    Dawn Company
    Faction: Neutral (Alliance division)
    RP Style: Medium to Light
    PvP Style: Very casual
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual

    Very small RP/PvE guild, mostly interested in hiring out to other guilds.

    Decree of Brutality
    PVE style: X
    PVP style: Required Rated BG/Arena
    See Post #52
    We are a guild of bloodthirsty Death troopers.

    Dor Ishura Shanre
    Faction: Alliance (technically neutral)
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: Under Construction
    See Post #130
    Alignment: Lawful Good -- Society based RP - see our website for more details!

    DreadStone Raiders (of the Alliance)
    RP Style: light/player choice
    PvP Style: light/player choice
    PvE/Raid Style: Med/Heavy(leveling and dungeons)/ Rading Med at times
    See Post #95
    A fun and friendly guild to level, make friends, do dungeons with, old and new raids...much more. Recruiting all levels, classes and races.

    Eastvale Trade Coalition
    RP Style: Heavy RP. We are traders, drug dealers, and slave masters.
    PvP Style: If you want to PvP/quest OoC or IC, be our guest.
    PvE/Raid Style: Same as above.

    We are adventurers, smugglers, and sellers. We love gold.

    The Earthen Council
    RP Style: Heavy RP
    PvP Style: None
    PvE/Raid Style: Optional; In-Character Questing and Raids
    See Post #27
    The Earthen Council is a friendly, social Heavy RP-PvE guild for those interested in a divergence from the usual focus of many Alliance RP guilds. Nature and Elemental based RP.

    Fel Fiends
    RP Style: med / heavy
    PvP Style: light
    PvE/Raid Style: up to each if they wish to pug

    A guild devoted to the Darkness. Also by use of a custom Fel Fiend mod, warlocks that are interested in RPing as part of a shadow network of warlocks may fully participate without leaving their guilds.

    Felbane Irregulars
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: At will
    PvE/Raid Style: At will

    Heavy RP, lawful-good social guild with a focus on demonslaying; no DKs, warlocks, or "demon hunters", please.

    Fire and Ice
    RP Style: Light
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy

    Late-night (4-7am server time) levelling guild. Mostly quests and dungeons.

    The First Regiment
    RP Style: Strictly regimented military and guard, Stormwind national.
    PvP Style: Serious but light-hearted.
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual.

    The First Regiment represents all aspects of Stormwind's military, from law-enforcing guards to the expeditionary forces sent out to combat the Horde.

    Free Market Exchange
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Not required, but we have a handful who participate regularly.
    PvE/Raid Style: Questing/5-mans

    Consortium-influenced RP guild that deals heavily with GHI, corporate-style-RP, and trade rivalries. Political and opportunistic.

    RP Style: Med-Heavy, specialist organization style
    PvP Style: Light-however much suits you.
    PvE/Raid Style: Light-Medium
    See Post #109
    Specialist organization with a combat branch and a research/intelligence branch. We are dedicated to the security of Azeroth and the Alliance.

    RP Style: Heavy RP, gnome and dwarf only.
    PvP Style: Per player preference
    PvE/Raid Style: Per player preference

    Heavy gnome and dwarf only role play guild with and emphasis on engineering and gnomish culture
    ALLIANCE (cont.)

    Hathian Reclamation
    RP Style: Heavy Roleplaying -- Storytelling
    PvP Style: Nothing guild-sanctioned. User choice.
    PvE/Raid Style: In time, Vanilla/BC raids will be undertaken for the purpose of obtaining RP gear.

    Roleplay centered around Stormwind Nobility. Main focuses: quality roleplay, creation of believable characters & weaving a worthwhile tale. Any serious roleplayer welcome.

    The Honorbound
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy, 10man Strict
    See Post #48
    The Honorbound is dedicated to providing a Heavy RP environment where all members can experience lore-based/end-game events, as well as end-game raiding.

    House Cordinna
    RP Style: Heavy Roleplay
    PvP Style: Individual/Friend Progression
    PvE/Raid Style: Individual/Friend Progression
    See Post #131
    We are a heavy roleplaying guild with no level requirement. We are a noble family serving Stormwind and are employers.

    The Iron Pillars
    RP Style: Ongoing military campaign
    PvP Style: BGs Fun/Casual/Premade - working towards World PvP
    PvE Style: Classic Content raiding/unique restrictions

    All dwarf paladin guild with emphasis on military RP/World PvP/Classic End-game raiding (lvl 60 exp-off).

    It Came From Behind
    RP Style: Not supported, but not frowned upon either.
    PvP Style: Casual.
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual but Competitive.
    See Post #84
    We work on end game content while still Pvp'ing and Rp'ing and basically enjoying everything the game has to offer. Raid times TBD, recruiting for our 10 AND 25 man raids

    Knights of Menethil
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Light-Medium
    PvE/Raid Style: Light-Medium
    See Post #138
    Focus on canonical Death Knight RP with heavy military undertone. The "Section 31 of Star Trek for the Alliance." Weekly events and detailed plotlines.

    Lords of Stone
    RP Style: Military and Trade (words like light and heavy are really meaningless)
    PvP Style: none
    PvE/Raid Style: none
    See Post # 116
    RP guild with a focus on military and trade. No requirements other than not being a %#!

    RP Style: Light to Medium
    PvP Style: Light, Player's Choice
    PvE/Raid Style: Light (may increase with member interest/activity)
    See Post #141
    Maelstrom is a laid-back, family-style guild with an emphasis on camaraderie and helpfulness. We do a bit of everything in-game, but mostly we're here for the fun and friendship.

    Modan Co
    RP Style: Med-Heavy
    PvP Style: Personal preference.
    PvE/Raid Style: Personal preference.

    Archaeologist company focused on studying the past and present on Azeroth and Draenor.

    The Mountain Guard
    RP Style: Involved; Out-of-Character Guild Chat
    PvP Style: Tied directly to roleplay. Frequent.
    PvE/Raid Style: Have raided ICC 10 with only dwarves, we can and will do what people have an interest in.
    See Post #23
    Dwarf exclusive RP-PVP-PVE guild that exemplifies dwarven roleplay on the server. Visit our website for full details.

    Nex de Superne
    RP Style: Military, Aerial defense/Diplomatic/Healing, med/heavy RP
    PvP Style: We will be working up to doing raids on Horde cities (FTA, holiday achieves, etc.) as well as all battle grounds.
    PvE/Raid Style: All old world and new world raids (BWL, LK, Ulduar, etc)
    See Post #106
    Med/Heavy Military style RP/Raiding guild, story arc focus's on defending the Alliance, making allies where we can, and trying to attain peace for all on Azeroth.

    Northgate Company
    RP Style: Heavy Immersion and Story Based RP
    PvP Style: Battlegrounds, RP-PvP
    PvE/Raid Style: Heroic Guild Runs, 10-Man Raiding
    See Post #143
    Northgate Company is a guild focused on heavy, immersion and story based roleplay. In addition, PvE and PvP are used to enhance our roleplay...
    ALLIANCE (cont.)

    Odd Company
    RP Style: Casual, some of us role-play but we don't tend to do this in guild.
    PvP Style: Like role-playing, some of us PVP but it's not the guilds main focus.
    PvE/Raid Style: Dedicated 10-man raiding. Late-night (from 1 AM ST onwards).
    See Post #43
    We're a late night raiding and social guild, full of interesting, friendly, and sometimes a bit loony people.

    Ominous Latin Name
    RP Style: Medium - Light
    PvP Style: We enjoy the random BG
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual / Raids aren't guild-wide but with groups we're friendly with
    See Post #150
    We are a small and very casual guild that likes things that way. We were created with "family" in mind. Two parents who wanted a safe place to enjoy the game with their kids and with other people who have similar play styles.

    Order of Malorne
    RP Style: Heavy RP / Defined guild structures and ranks
    PvP Style: Battlegrounds, RP-PvP
    PvE/Raid Style: Heroic Guild Runs, Some raiding, Guild PVE dungeon IC Events
    See Post #159
    Order of Malorne is a Night Elf culture heavy RP guild. We use PvE and PvP to enhance our roleplay. We are a guild that focuses on keeping our calendar full of RP events...

    Order of the Onyx Star
    RP Style: We don't RP as a guild.
    PvP Style: Med-Heavy.
    PvE/Raid Style: Regular instances. Would like to do Heroics and more.
    See Post #140
    We are all adults looking for more dedicated players that want to raid/pvp/5man. We are laid back group and eventually want to be a casual raiding guild.

    Order of Valor
    RP Style: Light - Medium
    PvP Style: Arena and World PvP, getting into rated BGs when we have the numbers
    PvE/Raid Style: Focus on 5-mans (normal and heroic), no raiding as of yet
    See Post #156
    We are a casual, social guild focused on giving a home to players who just want to have fun and have people to talk to while doing whatever it is that makes the game fun for them. All classes/races are welcome...

    Order of VII
    RP Style: Heavy.
    PvP Style: Light. Player's choice
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium. Player's choice
    See Post #55
    Order of VII is a heavy chaotic-evil role-play guild focused on quality character development and storytelling with active players and regular scheduled roleplay events.

    Pirates of Khaz Modan
    RP Style: Casual (whimsical fun) to heavy, depending upon the event. Some level of RP is required.
    PvP Style: Little to none. Probably the occasional BG or Horde city raid at higher levels.
    PvE/Raid Style: Leveling, but probably no Raid Instances.

    PvE/Raid Style: 10/25-man progression, Cataclysm Server Firsts.
    RP Style: Individual
    PvP Style: Second-priority rated BGs; Individual.
    See Post #47
    Progressive Raiding Guild, aimed to be Server-First for Cataclysm raids and to maintain the Number One spot. Long-term goal of Top US guild. RP is Light/None or of an individual's preference.

    Ravens of the Stone
    RP Style: Heavy Rp with Frequent Events
    PvP Style: Individual Basis
    PvE/Raid Style: Guild run RP Raids/Instances

    Heavy Rp guild of people preparing ICly for Cataclysm and beyond.

    RP Style:Med/Heavy
    PvP Style: RPPvP events
    PvE/Raid Style: Individual preference

    New RPPvP guild attempting to use the power of the undead as an advantage to annihilate the Horde. Not an all Death Knight guild.

    Red Royal Trading
    RP Style: light, OOC guild chat.
    PvP Style: Player's Choice
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium, 10 man
    See Post #34
    Red Royal is a guild that encompasses a large variety of aspects. We have RP'ers, we have raiders, we have PvP'ers, we have GHI scripters, and we have some people that are just plain crazy! Very laid back our motto is "If you're not having fun don't do it."

    Remnants of Argus
    RP Style: Heavy, Neutral.
    PvP Style: Heavy. We RPpvp whenever we get the chance.
    PvE/Raid Style: Individual preference

    All-Draenei militia, aimed at the destruction of the horde

    RP Style: Medium
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: 10man Strict
    See Post #18
    Salvation was foundation under the simple cause of being there for someone. The guild as a whole strives to bring peace where there is chaos and lend an arm when needed to protect the cities and the people.

    Sand Gnomes
    RP Style: Anyway from light to heavy, leaning towards the middle.
    PvP Style: Rare attendance in RP-PvP events. May become frequent.
    PvE/Raid Style: Optional, ZG+ZA RP runs.

    Accepting all Gnomes. Not griefers. Weekly RP Gear runs, and a long-standing RP project. (Requires a large playerbase for it to work)

    Saviors of Sanctuary
    RP Style: Heavy, Miliary
    PvP Style: N/A
    PvE/Raid Style: Scheduled 10-man Progression Raids.
    See Post #99
    We are a militarized, independent, vigilante faction of Azeroth. Founded February 15th, 2007, we are one of the oldest and longest running Heavy RP Guilds on the server.

    The Sentinels
    RP Style: Medium to Heavy
    PvP Style: Medium Not generally required, but is encouraged.
    PvE/Raid Style: Light Raiding We drop everything for RP.

    ((Closed for Recruitment)) Night elf heavy RP guild, level 20 requirement to apply, application on the site ...

    The Seventh House
    RP Style: Casual Play
    PvP Style: Usually none but can be done.
    PvE/Raid Style: Primarily in Guild runs
    See Post #167
    The Seventh House is dedicated to casual playing, supporting members, helping where ever possible with: Dungeon Raids, Quests, Achievements and Gear.

    Shades of Neutrality (WIP)
    RP Style: Medium, mercenary/(occasional) township
    PvP Style: Light
    PvE/Raid Style: Light/casual (Plans to have a heroic farming group very soon)
    See Post #: 122
    A fun group of mature people who hold RP to the lore abiding standard it should be. We're a mercenary group who'll take any job from pest extermination to starting a war, provided the price is right.

    The Shattered Pinnacle
    Faction: Neutral
    RP Style: Storyline, Epic, Dedicated
    PvP Style: Encouraged, but not a priority.
    PvE/Raid Style: Serious Raid Progression
    See Post #126
    The Shattered Pinnacle is a guild community that offers both Role-Playing and serious raid progression to our members. However, epic and eloquent Role-Play is our priority.

    The Silver Shield
    RP Style: Encouraged to be as Heavy as you like, although allowances made for efficiency
    PvP Style: At will; one of our ambitions is to form arena teams and battleground groups
    PvE/Raid Style: Yes; we encourage questing and will be encouraging members to form "core teams" for Cata instances and raids
    See Post #85
    We're the good guys. You want to be like us.

    RP Style: Very heavy, always in character.
    PvP Style: Whenever the mood strikes, usually IC.
    PvE/Raid Style: Very little raiding, but we do dungeons together.
    See Post #139
    Sterling exists to help those in need, whether that means fighting battles, gathering intelligence, or handing out supplies to the impoverished.

    The Syndicate of Alterac
    RP Style: Heavy immersion / heavily centered around RP
    PvP Style: Medium
    PvE/Raid Style: Light

    Heavy role-play guild centered around the Syndicate crime organization; it's based loosely in Hillsbrad, Alterac, and Arathi Highland -- with a clandestine Argus Wake faction inside, controlling it.

    Theoretical Novelty
    RP Style: Light to Moderate
    PvP Style: Player's Choice
    PvE/Raid Style: Skilled, Casual, 10s only
    See Post #63
    Our goal is to create a small but close knit group of people who are skilled at their class and performing well in raids, but relaxed enough to enjoy it as well.

    Third Legion
    RP Style: Heavy Military RPing
    PvP Style: Very Light
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium BC Raiding

    Heavy Military RP/BC Raiding with level 15 minimum requirement.

    The Top Hat Gang
    Website: To come
    RP Style: Medium-heavy
    PvP Style: N/A
    PvE Style: Medium group levelling
    See Post #96
    Lower-class Gilneans - pimps, thieves, muggers and extortionists, all united by spectacular hats. We're claiming the Old Barracks building in Stormwind as our headquarters because it is so gloriously run down.

    Twilight Dawn
    RP Style: Adventurer style/Order structure
    PvP Style: Casual
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual

    Medium RP guild with some casual raiding.

    Vanguard of Defiance
    RP Style: <Organized Crime>
    PvP Style: <N/A>
    PvE/Raid Style: <Help each other out whenever we can>
    See Post #49
    Heavy Criminal Guild centered around Stormwind and it's organized Crime community.

    RP Style: Medium ((guild chat is fully IC, separate chat line for OOC)). Monthly RP events.
    PvP Style: Individual player preference
    PvE/Raid Style: We strive to be the best strict 10m guild we can, working on achievements and progression.
    See Post #86
    Veritas is an adventuring society of explorers, scholars, historians, and thrill-seekers who seek to recover lost artifacts and forgotten histories. MG home-grown, 3+ years and counting.

    The Violet Hand
    Role-Play:Moderate - Heavy
    PvP: Up to each individuals discretion.
    PvE: Up to each individuals discretion.
    See Post #160
    The Violet Eye is a more aggressive and pro-active Dalaran founded organization tasked with investigating abnormal magical activity in Azeroth and properly dealing with any underlying causes.

    Wayward Riders
    RP Style: Medium-Heavy
    PvP Style: Very little to practically none.
    PvE/Raid Style: Leveling, no raiding. (Too few members)

    A neutral smuggling/adventuring guild that handles contraband, but masks itself as a simple courier company.

    The Westfall Brigade
    RP Style: Medium RP, Southern "Militia"
    See Post #38
    A militia-styled guild heavily based around in-game Westfall storylines and lore. We're mostly a title guild that all Westfall-based characters can join and proudly display for use in personal storylines.

    Wits End Tavern
    RP style: Med/heavy
    See Post #132
    a safe haven for seasoned role players who wish to create and participate in ongoing, story driven role play.

    Wrath of the Righteous
    RP Style: Individual
    PvP Style: Medium to Heavy
    PvE Style: Heavy - 25 man focus.
    See Post #41
    Weekly raiding, PvP and good friends

    Wrought From Ruin
    RP Style: Optional
    PvP Style: None
    PvE/Raid Style: Casual

    We are a social, RP, and casual (but serious) raiding guild on the Moon Guard realm. Currently we are recruiting friendly, mature players of all classes and specs.

    Zin Dorei
    RP Style: Heavy RP
    PvP Style: Optional; Organized RP-PVP events
    PvE/Raid Style: Optional; Organized Raids
    See Post #25
    Night Elf Mage guild providing RP story arcs, IC mage training in a Master-Apprentice system, skilled mages to help you master the class OOCly, and numerous RP events of all styles.
    (( Reserved for alliance, 3 of 3 ))

    Feel free to start submitting! PLEASE keep postings in proper format so they are easy to add to main listing!

    Guild Name:
    RP Style: <please limit to a few words>
    PvP Style: <please limit to a few words>
    PvE/Raid Style: <please limit to a few words>

    Short Description: aka OOC DESCRIP, 1-2 LINES-- please limit to one or two BRIEF lines, i.e.," heavy raiding guild with minimum level 60 requirement" or "Goblin pirates seeking land & treasure of their own"

    Detailed Description: aka your IC / long description, however much you want to put here
    Guild: Burning Tusk Tribe
    Faction: Horde
    RP Style: Heavy
    PvP Style: Medium-Heavy (premade battle grounds)
    PvE/Raid Style: Medium-Heavy (One ten man group raiding 2 times a week, several heroic runs)

    Short descrip: A Tribe dedicated to preserving the uniqueness of each of the races and fight for a secured home of their own.

    Guild Leaders: Anjasa, Jumwa

    Guild Contacts: Any member (Tribesmate rank or higher)

    Detailed Description:

    We are a close-knit group of friends that love this game and experiencing everything we can through the eyes of our characters. Heavy RPers, primarily, we are also skilled players and have a ten man group currently progressing in end game. Others spend their time PVPing, RPing, PVEing or all three.

    We have weekly in character meetings, planned PVP events, as well as PVE fun and several events throughout the year (some open to just the Tribe, others with an open invite). As well, many of our members have set up their own initiatives for experiencing RP and PVE/PVP that brings us closer as a guild.

    The people in the Burning Tusk Tribe are great, helpful, caring people that are wonderful to get to know.

    We are a mature guild, and ask that you be able to handle mature subject matter if you apply.

    More information on our in character history and other information on the Tribe is available at

    (( Thanks Venita! ))

    I'm adding the "See Post # " line back in for guilds who repost their info (and for new additions ), hopefully the numbers of posts stay pretty regular.
    Guild Name: Ascendancy
    RP Style: Encouraged, player's choice
    PvP Style: Encouraged, player's choice
    PvE/Raid Style: Heavy, 10man strict

    Short Description: Serious 10man raiding guild focused on progression and achievements.
    No RP or PvP ties, but they are encouraged for players who wish to do so.

    Detailed Description: Ascendancy is a 10 man guild of dedicated raiders who are looking to push current content. Within one year, our guild went from a rag-tag group of friends looking for a better raiding environment, to progressing through current hardmode content.

    As we near the end of Wrath, we run 11/12 Heroic ICC 10 and have our Glory to the Icecrown Raider achievements, have completed RS 10 on normal, ToGC10, and everything (Including Alone in the Darkness) in Ulduar 10. Currently we're planning A Tribute to Insanity (clear ToGC with no wipes) and perhaps Heroic Lich King and Halion.

    In Cata, we plan on keeping with our level of progression, and are looking for serious raiders to help us achieve our goals.

    Our current raid times are Thursdays, Fridays, and Mondays from 9:30PM server to 12:30AM server (or later if the raid so chooses). In Cataclysm, we plan on keeping our night-time raids, but the schedule is open for change.

    If you're interested in raiding with us in Cataclysm, please visit our website and fill out an application at:

    For more questions, contact Taldagrus, Randaagulf, or Veresia. (Note: if you ask us about applying, we will direct you to the website, so look there first!)

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