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I did Violet Hold with an easter basket equipped on my mage :/
I did it once or twice. I've forgotten to get back into shadowform after rezzing up quite a few times though.
I was wearing my "around town" gear for an entire heroic once recently. It consists of the skull mask level 70 rogue helm (with run speed gem), and the trinket that makes everyone dance. I've never run anything with my pole out for the entire run, though, as a melee class that requires a specific type of weapon equipped for every single ability, that's something rogues notice rather quickly.

I've run heroics in my PvP gear/spec more than a few times too.
I did like the first wing of HICC 25 the other day with a pvp trinket on in my pvp spec. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my dps was so bad until somebody mentioned my trinket. : /
...have you finished a dungeon and just then realized you did the whole thing with your fishing pole equiped?

I tanked a H. PoS with the bone pole from the fishing daily. No one seemed to notice since everything died before I ever had to use a strike.
I've done it a few times on my hunter. I've also done a couple of arenas in BC wearing a fishing pole with this toon. I blame my 2v2 partner for those though. He made me fish with him while we waited for matches.
0. But I've done it in BGs many many times.
I've tanked a dungeon untalented once. Does that count?

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