Frost Mage duels as a rogue

True Jet, I miss my hybrid assassin/sub spec for pvp =( Frost mages are pwning my face right now. I've taken way to many 13k hits from that Ice Lance BS

Yup, same here. Frost mages were always a problem, but lately they are getting impossible.

But thats true for a lot of classes, I mean I have a decent amount of HP/Resil (36k and 1300 resil) but I'm still getting absolutely torn to pieces by a lot of classes out there that I might as well have 0 resilience.

I'm hoping this is all just scaling issues because the game has been geared for 85 now.

*crosses fingers*
Well first i like to Amb...
Without pots, the mut rogue is going to have a much harder time than the sub rogue. Mutilate's biggest weakness is being easy to kite.

I don't reckon, at least not on live right now.

Mut only has 2 chances to get out of a freeze. If you blow both vanish and CoS before you can take him out then you're screwed. Sub gives you a Get of Jail Free card. Plus vanish isn't even a guarantee anymore since it seems like everything out there can see thru your stealth now.

I'm actually really happy with the new vanish for the most part. I don't think mut will be able to keep up with sub till at least 82 when we have enough talent points to pick up Elusiveness. It's literally the only reason I went sub. Some bad ret paladin killed me because wings + hammer spam is on a 2 minute CD while vanish and blind have an extra 60 seconds (not to mention cloak also has a longer CD). Simply game breaking.

You find it game breaking? To be honest I barely notice it, and to be even more honest, I probably won't pick up elusivness even when I'm able to. I'll go for imp recup. In a world where arena exsists I can see how you will notice it. But if you BG a lot like I do you find that there is so much going on around the table that an extra minute is really nothing.
I say save the dance for after block. If you catch them with full energy dance it's over. Garrote lasts way too long and he has nothing to stop it besides maybe a pet freeze and you can break that easily if it's only the first block.

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