[A] Battle Hardened is recruiting for Cata!

Moon Guard
Battle Hardened is looking to fill out the last few spots for Cataclysm in our 10-man raid. We are an experienced guild (12/12 ICC, Glory of the Ulduar Raider) that are looking for a few exceptional players to fill out our roster, as well as a few players willing to take on a Standby role.

Positions currently open;

  • Healer - Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman prefered, all others will be considered.

  • Ranged DPS - Mage, Warlock prefered, all others will be considered.

  • Healer - Any, standby role.

  • DPS - Any, standby role.

  • Important raid information;

  • Raid days and times are generally weekends around 8pm, Server time with raids running up to four hours.

  • 95% Attendance is required, everyone else is making the same commitment, we expect no less from you!

  • Ventrilo access is a must, we do not need you to speak, however, we need you to listen.

  • Must have a positive attitude at all times. Negative Nancy's and Dour Don's need not apply.

  • We are a very mature guild (honest!), and we are looking for more members to contribute to our raiding effort in Cataclysm, in addition to our Guild Achievements and Guild leveling. If you are interested, please send a tell or in-game mail to myself (Brohk), Defori, Pendac or Aleathea. We look forward to having you along for all new content!
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