<Highly Intoxicated>Recruiting For Cata 10s!

About Us

<Highly Intoxicated> is a 10 man progression raiding guild who's focus is on Cataclysm. We are located on Illidan - US - PvP, one of the top 3 ranked US servers for PvE progression. A majority of our members are friends who have been raiding together on and off since Vanilla. Several of our members have top world/consistent top US experience.While our raiding schedule isn’t demanding our expectations are as we plan to push for 100% completion of the upcoming expansion. Hard modes, achievements, titles and mounts mandatory. On the PvP side, we will also partake in rated battlegrounds, arena is optional but a few of our members do actively participate in it.

We have nearly completed our 1st 10 man team and are seeking skilled, intelligent raiders to completely fill our second. Not only is experience and good gameplay required on your behalf but also a good personality. The ideal candidates should possess a solid, in depth raiding background and a complete understanding of their spec & class changes post Patch 4.0.1.

They should be a team player with a laid back attitude, able to take constructive criticism when necessary and be constantly trying to optimize their character for maximum performance. We are only interested in long term members, if you have any upcoming real life issues that will prevent you from raiding, you should look elsewhere for a home.

The guild environment is a humorous one with lots of socialization. We pride ourselves on maintaining this while being drama free and will not keep anyone in the guild who disrupts that environment, no matter how good of a player you may think yourself to be. All of our members are passionate about raiding and most of us are achievement freaks and a handful of us being PvP nuts.

The guild as a whole is definitely on the mature side with a majority of us having real life responsibilities; therefore striving to be as efficient as possible with our play time. If this is the type of guild structure that attracts you, I would strongly suggest that you apply.

Our goal currently is to finalize our roster before the launch of Cataclysm as well as running current and old content for the lulz.

Group 1 Info

Tues – 8pm – 11pm Server (9pm – 12am EST)
Weds – 8pm – 11pm Server
Thurs – 8pm – 11pm Server
Sun – 8pm – 12am Server

Recruitment Needs :

All Exceptional Players

Group 2 Info

Tues – 9pm – 1am Server (10pm – 2am EST)
Weds – 9pm – 1am Server
Sun – 9pm – 1am Server

Recruitment Needs :

Elemental Shaman– Very High
Resto Druid- Very High
Mage-Very High

All Exceptional Players

Applicants with extensive raid and successful cutting edge content, as well as leader oriented people are encouraged to apply for these two positions.

How To Get In Contact With Us


Drop by, sign up, and submit a detailed application.

You can also contact Demongate, Fissure, Phantasystar or Abyssian in game via whispers or mail.

We will get back to you as soon we can.
i smell epicness brewing.

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