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My wife and I are returning to WoW after a long hiatus. In Vanilla we started out as members of a casual guild which merged into a hardcore raiding guild of which we were officers. We quit right before TBC.

During TBC I came back to join a hardcore guild which used to clear content months before it went out of style. This was the most enjoyable time as the people in the guild were generally around me in age (mid 20s) or older. At the same time everyone was really good at the game. My wife during this period played casually.

When Wrath came out we both became very casual with me bouncing around trying to find a casual guild which also raided while her just trying to find a casual with a nice environment. However we both quit well more than a year ago because we couldn't find the aforementioned environment.

We are hoping to find something more suitable for our playing styles in Cataclysm. Our ideal guild would be mostly working adults for whom WoW is a social as well as a gaming experience. My wife and I cannot commit to a regular raiding schedule but we would like to raid once in a while. I am also an avid pvper and I would would to partake in it with guildies.

I think we would be most comfortable in a guild of retired hardcore raiders but what we basically want are nice, mature guildmates who are good at the game. If your guild would be interested in having us then please leave a reply and I will get in touch with you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

PS: We would prefer to remain horde side.
I'd say to look for Art of War
Tranquility is a newly formed guild on thrall. We are an adult based guild with the intention to raid 10 man. We are currently looking for more members for cata and would love to have you. My husband is the guild leader and i am an officer. Our other officer loves to pvp and does it regularly and im sure he would like to have another person to do it with. As for my husband he does pvp some but not a whole lot. I do not like to pvp but you may get me in for achievements and such as thats what i like to do. But we are a chill guild and are made up of adults and are looking for more. You can wisper me or my husband Therrian or Strangle in game to get an invite or more info. Hope to see you soon!

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If you are looking to get into a well run guild, I suggest reading a few recruitment adds here on the forum and possibly even visiting a few guild websites to get an idea of who’s who. If however you choose to take the lazy route and just post a generic “Looking for a guild…” post then please at least post some basic information like:

Day/Time you're available to raid.

Personal raid progression.

Type of guild you're looking for (ie, hardcore, casual, in between)

You willing to go to a good 10 man guild or set on a 25 man?

Armory links to the toon/s you’re applying with.

GM’s from well run guilds are extremely busy people and aren’t usually going to give you the time of day if you can’t put forth a little effort.
Check Primeval out. Zarker has a post on the forums here somewhere should be near the bottom of this page or somewhere on page 2 i think. Good luck!
May I humbly suggest <Atonement>? I, along with several friends whom I have raided with since BC, recently started the guild with the goal of creating a respectful, adult guild community. We currently have plans to raid 10-man content, through an organized guild raid team as well as a regular 'alt' run that can accommodate players who can't commit to a regular schedule but still wish to raid. Several of us are married and have our spouses in the guild, including myself.

Check out our website at http://atonement.wowstead.com for more info!
This is the wrong place to post this, but I'm not sure how to talk to the GM of Atonement, I have a suggestion for Dec 7th, raid Gilneas. I've been contacting GM's from Altar of Storms to try to get a freestyle raid going on the first night at 8:00 pm est. It would be fun to send a message to the Worgen that the horde doesn't take any prisoners, the only way to get several hundred to attack at the same time is many guilds attacking as one. For fun. Just a suggestion
Sounds fun, I'll pass it on to the guild!

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