Spell Penetration for DK´s

Death Knight
Hello people.

I wonder if our recent changes spell penetration helps us something .. which is the cap and everything else.

The Haste is very attractive these days ...

Thanks for your comments earlier!
SPen is only good for PvP to help with resistance values. Bosses no longer have resistance that is reduceable by SPen.

Now then, every DK should have 135 SPen at level 80 and, at least (I think) 150 for level 85. However, this only works for basic resistances, and the new retolled racials (giving resistance instead of % spell miss) for some classes mean this is going to change, but I don't know the exact mechanics of it right now.
But other than Shadow Priest and Mages what class has resistance to our attacks now?
Anyone with a Mark of the Wild buff, Glyph of Healing Stream Totem buff, Blessing of Kings buff, etc.
Thanks to all ...

Before bn had in mind the cap, the issue of chains of ice and freezing mind, but now is not whether to remove the gear of spell penetration and use a with gear haste ...

I guess I'll have to experiment ...

The cloak enchant plus a handful of SPen gems will keep you good to go.

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