[H] <Mojo> 10-Heroic Cata Guild Recruiting

<Mojo> is recruiting exceptional players for our core cataclysm roster. Our guild is comprised of a group of very experienced individuals looking to raid at a high level with a tight-knit group of friends. We are recently established and just beginning to flourish. Our current progression is 11/12 Hardmode 10 Man with Heroic Lich King at 40%. Our core consists of many Light of Dawn raiders who have moved on from the lure of 25 man raid content.

Raiding schedule is as follows:

Sunday- 8:45 pm-1:00 am server time
Monday- 8:45 pm-1:00 am server time
Tuesday- 8:45 pm-1:00 am server time
Wednesday- 8:45 pm-1:00 am server time
Thursday- Optional alt raids. Not a consistent raid night.
Friday- Off
Saturday- Off.

We are looking for raiders of any class/spec at the moment, as long as you are dedicated to raiding on a consistent basis and are skilled. Our goal is to be a top ranked 10 man guild throughout Cataclysm.

Our application is very simple, and we will be reviewing it in a very holistic manner. We only require a few basic bits of information in our application, and the rest is up to you. We want raiders that are not only skilled, but want to be a PART of the guild. There is an “additional comments” section for the application, and we want you to tell us what you feel we should know about you.

The few bits of information we need from you are as follows:

1) Your name (In-game)
2) Armory Link
3) Past raiding experience (include other toons)
4) Past and current guilds and why you have left/plan on leaving them.
5) Best way to contact you (e-mail, phone, in-game, etc.)
6) Additional information section. Please note that if you choose to omit this portion of the application, we will make the assumption that you are not too serious about this application.

Please follow this format when submitting your application. All applications are private and will be reviewed by the raiding core. Responses will be very quick. Submit all applications to: mojoillidan@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your time, and we hope to see your application very soon.

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