Herb/Alch help

Trying to get everything full leveled up before Cata.

Should I go with potion, elixir, or transmute master at this point?

Anyone with beta experience have any incite for me?

Any help would be awesome!
I'm pretty sure the specializations are going away.

In my books, if you're choosing a profession PURELY for money, you're doing it wrong.

I'm an alchemist. Elixir Master, to be exact. Why? I like longer buffs. I don't like having to be like, "Okay, HASTE POTION GO!" And be locked out of my potions for the encounter. That, and I don't use potions.
I do know a Potion Master though, who makes potions nonstop. Why? He PvPs. I don't think potions can be used in Arena, but I know they can be used in BGs. And with him dying every few minutes, and leaving combat quickly, a potion outweighs the benefits of an elixir.
Transmute Mastery, I don't even know what to tell you. I guess if you want money and care to chance things on a proc, go for it. I can buy 22g worth of materials to transmute an epic gem I can sell for 80-120g. And if there's a proc, free gold. I have a friend who does this daily.

So...it's all on you and what you do.
Double posting FTL.
I'm pretty sure the specializations are going away.

I know they are for the other crafting professions: Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing.
I never thought about the implication for alchemy though....
I'll admit my transmute spec doesnt proc very often, but when it does its awesome. I've gotten 5 meta gems from 1 set of mats exactly twice, and I usually celebrate by giving the extras away free to guildies.
If they still have specs in expansion I'll go elixir master. I have 2 alchs now and I'll probably remain that way until epic gems come back in Cata. But I bet thats at least 2 raid tiers away. Sounds like elixirs are getting buffed big time, flasks will always be popular so it seems the most viable way to make gold for me.
The Alchemy and Engineering specializations seem to be intact.

I'd recommend Elixir because it gives you a chance to make extra Flasks, and everyone loves flasks.

Otherwise, Transmute is also popular if you're trying to sell gems.

Potion is crap, don't bother with it.

Also remember you can choose a specialization then spend 150s go "un-spec" and learn a different one. The quests for each vary in difficulty. Transmute is the simplest, Elixir the hardest.
I had a decent post, but Deathwing wouldn't let me speak.

Transmute is the easiest mastery, requires just 4 primal mights. I recommend it for alts and players without a steady supply of herbs for potions or elixirs.

Potion requires killing a single boss in Botanica. While there is currently little need for potions, I think it might be the sleeper mastery in Cataclysm.

Elixir is the hardest, requiring multiple Black Morass runs in the Caverns of Time. However, I think it is also the best profession for leveling to 525. You will be making a lot of different elixirs while leveling that should sell well, while you will likely only get short runs (haven't seen final reciepe lists) of potions or transmutes.

Of course, if you aren't trying for server firsts, then switching to transmute once you can craft rare gems and meta gems is possibly a good idea. Keep in mind, that you can switch masteries at anytime, and for any reason, for 150g by visiting your mastery trainer.
I am partial to xmute. Gem procs are great. Let's face it, if you do xmute everyday, you'll get a couple of procs per week. Free gold. And if you're into gemming a lot and doing different things to your gear....it makes sense to be an xmute alchy. You'll never have to waste points on buying gems, nor gold buying gems off the AH....a double gold saver. And if you have a JC alt...xmuting makes even more sense.
While there is currently little need for potions, I think it might be the sleeper mastery in Cataclysm.

I agree here, healing potions are very popular when people are leveling. But I'm guessing it will fall off once most people hit 85.

Transmute is great during early raid progression as people are crafting new gear and need your cooldown.

Flask (elixir) is good once people are established in raiding and can make decent cash once you get some good recipes.

In short, theres not really a bad choice. But some choices are better at different times.
I agree here, healing potions are very popular when people are leveling. But I'm guessing it will fall off once most people hit 85.

My thinking is that mana matters. The new content assumes dps will be somewhat reasponsible for there own survival. So until the healers out-gear the content, mana potions are going to be used once per fight and dps might be expected to use a healing potion during burn phases or spike damage on tanks (after all, its just once per fight).

Nothing concrete mind you, just a hunch. I am still planning on leveling as elixir before switching back to transmute unless my guild needs an elixir master.

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