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Emerald Dream
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Updated 05-06-12

Welcome to the Emerald Dream Guild listing updated for Wrath of the Lich King! I shall endeavor to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, and I'll be making updates on at least a biweekly basis.
Credit to former maintainers of this list:
Zasraik - Level 60 Undead Rogue Guild: <Misçhief> WoW Original
Maralah - Level 70 Druid, Guild <Pack Spirit> Burning Crusade
Zigra - Level 80 Shaman, Guild <Blackmoon Tribe> Wrath of the Lich King

Please post your guild name, website, and your level of involvement with RP, PvE, and PvP. A guild with name only without a website, contact person OR at least one of the three basic fields (RP, PvP or PvE) will not be added. What's the point?

Here's a model:
<Guild Name> - website - RP+++ PvE+ PvP++, Contact

None *
Light +
Medium ++
Heavy +++

You're welcome to go into detail about your guild in your post but if you could follow the model above for the list, it would speed things along and make this dull old druid's job a shade easier. Actually, I encourage you to be as flowery or as detailed in your post as you like. Tell us what you as the leader sees your guild being and doing and enjoying. This thread is the line, and your post is the hook: bait it how you see fit. Also, if you want to know who the most recent guild to post was, head to the back of the thread and see who's visited lately.

If a guild disbands, please let me know.
To eliminate the deadwood, I'll post you on the list when you post your guild info in this thread.
Alliance Guilds

RP Focus
<Clan Battlehammer> guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=320395&TabID=2686102 RP++, PvP+++, PvE+,Ironwrath, Bombor ,Greydorf
<Comitatus> - www.guildportal.com-search COMITATUS, RP++ PvE++ PvP++ Arkwind (GL)
<Crimson Alliance> - http://crimsonalliance.guildlaunch.com - RP++ PvE++ PvP+, Contact Kyra, Xarron, Eilith, or Logmadr
<GnomeTech> - guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=50847 - RP+++ PvP+ PvE+, Zappie (GL) Gnomes++++
<Kingship of the East> - www.kingshipofeast.com, RP+++ PvE++ PvP++ Hinik (GL), Kattrina, Kristyl
<Pirates of the Iblis> - http://poti.guildportal.com/- RP++ PvE+ PvP+, Marhiel (GL)
<The Keepers of Kalidar> - http://tkok.guildlaunch.com/ - RP++ PVP++ PVE+, Contacts: Vesarian, Vendrasen, Tokkie, Caram, Carhlon, Katozi, Drebelis.
<The Smalls Clan> - www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=143904, RP+ PvE+ PvP+ Dwarf +++, Woodwylde (GL)
<The Wolf Pack> - no website - RP++, PVP++++, PVE++, GL: Wargill, CoGL: Valisandra, Gen: Darthfrito
<Tactarianists> - http://www.thermetics.net/churchoftact/ - RP+++ PvE* PvP*, Turun

PvP Focus

<Apocalypse> - No Website - RP+, PvP+++, PvE+++ - Contact: Guild leader: Stamora. Desmond, Madmann, Jenaeve, Stamora
<Fargate Command> http://www.fargatecommand.com/ PvP+++ PvE+ RP*, Zniper (GL)
<No Mercy Mafia> - http://www.nomercymafia.com - PvP+++, PvE ++, RP +, Jesmin(GL)
<RIØT> - www.ed-riot.com - PVP+++ PVE++ RP*, Prødìgy (GL), Zereul/Pandamonius
<Soldìer> - No website - RP+, PvE+++, PvP+++, Sukomage
<Stride> - No website - RP+ PVP+++ PVE+, Gazzle (GL), Neyney, Avdaedric,
<Valkyrie> - www.wow-valkyrie.org - RP++ PvP+++ PvE+++, Contact - Tinkeybelle(GM), Jeday, Darthadas
Alliance PVE Guilds

<Absolute> www.absolute-guild.com - PVP+++ PVE+++ RP+, Jynxx (GL)
<Ashes of the Phoenix> - www.ashesofthephoenix.net - RP+ PvE+++ PvP++, Diliam (GL), Swift(recruitment)
<Axiom> - Axiom.wowstead.com - RP+ PVE+++ PVP+, Dangerclose (GL), Idest, Khange, Mooglir, Freddy
<Bold As Lions> RP* PvE++ PvP++ GL: Lion
<Box of Win> - boxofwin.com - RP* PvE+++ PvP+, Mortardo (GL), Falafell, Gatt, Gilador, Zephreus
<Bring the Ruckus> - no website - Rp - Pvp++ PvE+++, GL Stephakanoni, Raddiance, Fwishy
<Courage> - courage.guildportal.com - PVE++ PVP+ RP*, Bloodpoole, Bridgess
<Descent Into Madness>, descentintomadness.guildlaunch.com, RP+ PvP++ PvE+++, Rond (GL), Apollyen, Venori
<Do Work> http://dowork.guildlaunch.com/, RP* PVP+ PVE++, Officers: Fallow , Cauri , Wìndmoor , Ðruíd
<Echoes of War> - eow.guildlaunch.com - PVE+++ PVP+ RP+, Contacts: Belaros, Zslythe(a,b,c), Amas
<Fallen Knight Society> - fallenknightsocity.wowstead.com - RP+ PvE+++ PvP+, Peana (GL) , Easley, Exgala
<For Valhalla> Site: http://forvalhalla.guildomatic.com - RP* PvE++ PvP+, GL: Elderus
<Gentlemen and Scholars> Website soon. RP+ PVP+ PVE+ Impermanence (GL) Crill, Takarov, Trapline
<Goldwing Adventurers> Site: http://gwaguild.com, RP+ (Roleplay friendly, but not guild required.) PvE+++ PvP+++ GL: Eldonia
<Hellfire Angels> - http://hellfireangels.guildlaunch.com - RP+ PvE++++ PvP++, Mooniu (GL), Viener, Felgank, Kristallyne
<Highly Unorthodox> - www.highlyunorthodox.net - RP+ PvE+++ PvP++ Ethrea(GL)
<Kerberos> - no site - RP* PvE+++ PvP++, Contacts: Scethra (GM), Lillend, Lochru
<Legion> - http://legion-ed.guildlaunch.com - RP*/+ PVP++ PVE+++, Syrilrian, Strom (GL), Xonelithii, Tunac, Sesska.
<Soldìer> - No Website Needed - RP- PvE+++ PvP+, Guild Leaders: Sukodin, Draiconis, Guiness, Relea
<The Scarlet Dawn> - www.sdraiding.com - RP* PvE+++ PvP++, Contacts: Doogs (GM), Astrolia, Ghladum
<Winds of Fortune> - n/a - PvE: +++, PvP: +, RP: +GM: Naara RL: Rhyagelle, Fairgrim, Ganptrixie
Horde Guilds

RP Focus

<Blackmoon Tribe> - blackmoontribe.com - RP++, PvE++, PvP++, Sahnjin (GL)
<Crimson Mercenaries> crimsonmercenaries.guildlaunch.com, RP+++ PvE+++ PvP+, Shaecrim (GL) Kuudos, Jaisyn, Volkhar
<Earthspear Clan> - earthspearclan.enjin.com - RP+++, PVP++, PVE+, Takota (GL)
<GorWatha Warband> - gorwatha.guildportal.com, RP+++ PvP++ PvE+, Yarbo (GL), Rasek, Theenie, Gazrak
<Heavy Metal Empire> - lyraka-heavymetalempire.wowstead.com - RP +, PvP ++, PvE ++ - Contact: Lyraka
<Nocturnal Asylum> - RP+++ PvE+++ PvP++ - Guild Master Elianeliz
<The Sunsworn> http://thesunsworn.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=167953, RP+++ PvE ++ PvP +++| Vyktur, Nephilium, Varaelian, or Imfernal

PvP Focus

<A Violent Reaction> - no web - RP* PVE+ PVP+++ Soiled
<APC Kill Team> - Site:Under Construction - RP:+ PVP:+++ PVE:++, GL:Tootles, Officers: Jwags, Warscream, Tdub, Persecute, Lilpope, Reppinneb, and Zarelil
<Bearing Deathwing's Call> -http://bdc.wowstead.com/ - PVP++, PVE++, RP* - GL: Kroom
<Blacklísted> - No Website - PvP+++, PvE*, RP+ - GL: Albo
<Company of Wolves> - http://company.bloodnwine.com - RP+++ PVP+++ PVE+, Contact Gormsh
<chop city> - www.chopcity.org - PVP++++ RP* PVE*, Animalolcrkr (GL)
<CLUTCH> clutchguild.guildlaunch.com - RP* PVE** PVP**, Shermen(GL), Nosnum,
<Eternal Winter> - eternalwinter.guildlaunch.com - PVP+++, PVE++, RP+, Striyfe (GL), Biggredd, Deathmate, Deathnubbz
<Legion of the Red Hand> - www.legionoftheredhand.com - RP: ++ PvE: + PvP: +++, Deadbill [GM], Redbill, Holybill, Bartendra, Starfurios, Sophiriah, Gotoh, or Kamashi.
<Six Feet Under> - http://sfuguild.org - RP+ PvE++ PvP+++, Zenza (GL)
<YOU ARE NOT PREPARED> RP* PvP+++ PvE*, Irey,Phantasmo, Dethdealer
Horde PvE Focus

<Apotheon> www.wowapotheon.com/ - RP+ PvE+++ PvP++, Muckbread/Kraikhan (GM) Vruugar/Telnarellyn (Officer)
<Coup de Etat> http://coupdeetat.wowstead.com - RP* PVE++ PVP+, Officers: Thevolget (GL), Majadamska, Dandoch
<Eminent> (H) - EminentofEmeraldDream.guildlaunch.com RP+ PvE+++ PvP++, Alladris, Desirus, Monsteh
<Endeavors>- www.endeavors.wowstead.com PVE+++ PVP++ RP+, Voodoou (GL) & Atalí
<GODS OF PAIN> website coming soon, RP* PVP+ PVE++, Warspawn (GL)
<Hillsbrad Police Dept> PVE+++ PVP++ RP+, Kyleemcgee (GL), Dreshen
<Merciless> merciless.darkbb.com RP*, PvP+, PvE+++, Ashuos (GL)
<Nelgetha> www.nelgetha.com - RP*, PvP+, PvE+++ Doak (GL), Kabbie
<Nightstalkers> -http://forums.nightstalkersed.com - RP* - PVE+++ - PVP*, Defenestrate (GL)
<Nyx>, http://www.thenyx.org, RP++, PvE+++, PvP+; Kallokain, Warzen, Myyah, Cobriana, Miaoyin and Locomono
<Rise of Legends> - http://www.rise-of-legends.com - RP* PvP+ PvE+++, Loganash, Davee
<Sanctus> - Site: http://sanctus.wowstead.com/ RP (Not really but welcomes it) PVE +++ PVP ++ Guid Leader: Jxx
<Seaghyn> http://www.seaghyn.com - PvE+++ PvP+ RP, Badmist (GL), Keire, Ochoen
<Shattered Oath> www.shatteredoath.com - RP* PvP+++ PvE+++ Drahndia, Thessaly, Rokh, Diane, Harazh
<Sythegore Arm> - sythegorearm.guildomatic.com - RP+ PVE+++ PvP++ - Telarr, Krytture, Sharavia, Ayolera, Mikevil
<The Uncommon Few> - uncommon.guildportal.com - RP+ PVE+++ PVP+, Aleytu (GM), Mewnfyr, Xyanya
<The Velvet Lounge> - www.thevelvetlounge.net - RP* PvP+ PvE+++, Fret, Jayefsi, Belatrice, Zingop, Ordeath
This space reserved for those odd and unique guilds not as concerned with PvE, PvP, or RP in the traditional sense.

Guilds for Leveling, Crafting, Socializing, Family Gatherings, Arena Specific, Twinks, or Events will get special billing here.

Leveling Guilds
<Silver Star> [H] - www.xfire.com/communities/argenteum/ - RP++ PvE++ PvP++, Raquêl, Ånora (GL), Blackshade, Oldmon, Shebøøm, or Sylvíana
<Reserved in case expansion is needed.>
Do Work's website is http://www.dowork.mmoguildsites.com/
((Insanity, could you give me a bit more info, take a peak at the model up top. Then I'll go ahead and add ya. Thanks.))
(( Thank you Xeer. Would you like me add that then, or is this just an example?))
Should probably go through and clean up the guilds that are no longer around, like Relax for example.
((Had planned on doing that tomorrow. I'm working most of today and then going to see a play tonight. On that note, if anyone knows whether these guilds are already disbanded, please let me know. I will begin cleaning up the entire list tomorrow. ))
Hey, Machik! So far, so good. I'm just wondering if I could get you to change Pantaloons to Mewnfyr under <The Uncommon Few>'s officer listing. He switched mains a couple of months back. Thanks! :)
Reserving a spot for a more in-depth Smalls Clan write up.
I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'm begging you to beg me.
<Hillsbrad Police Dept>

Site: Possibly in the future


GL: Kyleemcgee or Dreshen

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