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Emerald Dream
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<Code of Silence>
Site coming shortly
RP +
PVE ++
PVP ++

Recruitment for law enforcement, firefighters, military, and friends and family of those.
<Silver Veil Society>
Website: Http://Silverveil.net

RP+++ PvP+++ PvE++

Contact: Averalis or Grace

The Silver Veil Society is an order formed to serve as mercenaries for the greater good. The Society accepts assessments for compensation, or for non-profit if the cause is worthwhile. Our main mission is simple, to protect our kinds and secure a better future. Though the political affairs between Alliance and Horde are not a high priority concern, the Society currently aids in the resistance of Garrosh Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde. The Society prides itself on organization, intelligence, and agility. Those who seek to endeavor in challenging situations would be a good fit for the order.
Ashes of the Phoenix
Recruit by River
Link to our ED Forum Post
When is the last time this was honestly updated?
When is the last time this was honestly updated?

Only asking because I want to see what options there are for me.
<Guardians of the Sun>

8am to noon time guild for those who cant game at night due to Rl schedules.

(will accept any gamer looking for a home.)

we do all aspects of the game. recruiting for core gamers of all classes and lvls atm.

Currently lvl 12 on edge of becoming 13. As soon as we get enough members will be holding guild events.

whisper siyue, foxiebear or suicidekiss in game for gvite or more info.
Hey Matthias,

I really like the sound of your guild and I've been looking for a good guild for weeks. I want to do raids because I don't have much experience doing them, but I know my character and I take orders well. I'd also like to do the occasional Xmog raid if you guys do those, but it's not a deal breaker. I just want to get everything out of the game that it offers, and I'm sick of BG's.
So if all that sounds OK to you, I'd love an invite so I can start real adventuring.

My wife and brother play as well and I know he want's the exact same thing. We've been beating our heads together because the guild we were in just wouldn't do any dungeons or raids nor even help out if we tried an Xmog, and they're IRL friends, hehe.

Good Hunting to you, and hope to hear from you.

Frostriker the Wakener.
Andu-falah-dor! Brothers and Sisters, the winds bear an ill taint, and the drums of war thunder throughout the heavens. The Horde run rampant through our ancestral lands and desecrate all we hold dear. Our patience tested, and our hand forced, now the Horde will bear witness to the terrible fury of the Kaldorei! <Darnassian Skirmisher> recruiting all Kaldorei for WPVP-RP, PvE, to build a true Kaldorei community.


Guild Name: <Darnassian Skirmisher>
Style: Focus on Light/Medium RP and PVP, some PVE. RP will shift to medium as more and more learn the workings of this magnificent art.
Theme: Militia of Kaldorei unimpressed by lack of action of Official government. RP-WPVP engagements will be a primary goal.
Contacts: Galithaladas, Tenjimen, Zaldrion, Abebi, Aisperfana

We're a new, but prospering guild welcoming all those who wish to learn or participate in Kaldorei RP regardless of level or past experience of RP. If you are a veteran to RP, then your aid is greatly required as we shape a new generation of high quality RP-ers.

If you are completely new to RP, fear not, for you are amongst many similar peers and our guild will serve as a friendly stress-free environment for all those wishing to enhance their Warcraft Experience.

Elune light your path, Tor ilisar'thera'nal!
- http://esotericofed.enjin.com/home -
Tantibus, Stonedirl, Thokon, Zafaron, Dánger, Monuments.

Edit: As of 11/5/2013 we have shut down.
GM/Officers: Lewni, Banffi, Eltessa, Efect - although /who VanLyfe and anyone in guild can invite you.
Guild Name: <Order of the Gold Road> RP/WPvP
Guild Theme: IC: Similar in some ways to the Knights Templar but with a darker side. OOC: Looking for friendly RP enthusiasts that like to help their fellow guildies, be a positive influence with the RP community, and an active participant in WPvP. All races, classes, levels welcomed!

Recruitment Thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10829033189

Guild Website: http://orderofthegoldroad.guildlaunch.com
Guild Name: <Nocturne of Shadows>

Style Focus: RP/PvE/PvP


Skoren, Laoki, Currahee, Clarity

Nocturne of Shadows is a Cultish RP guild while were still working on our backstory and guild lore. We are a sociable and active bunch.
09/26/2013 02:49 PMPosted by Nnutthowze
When is the last time this was honestly updated?

Only asking because I want to see what options there are for me.

For those asking, the thread was updated last on 05/06/12, as noted in the thread title as well as the edit note at the bottom of the OP.

For any forum moderators, my I suggest this thread be unstickied? It hasn't been updated in awhile and is no longer an accurate representation of the guilds on Emerald Dream...people keep posting here with the hopes of an update.

There is a recent updated thread by Bebbit (updated just three days ago!) that I think should be sticked instead, which would give new and old players a much better resource for finding a new guild. Here is a link:


I would also ask that anyone wanting a better source for guild info please navigate to that page and request a sticky on the thread!

- Ace
This thread is meant to be passed down to a worthy Steward. Machik did fine for all of Cataclysm, but like anything...well most anything that requires repetition, it get's to be a chore. I recommend that we get some volunteers of solid standing within the Realm and pick a good one to pass it on to. I'll be happy to bestow the next stewardship, since I think I'm the only former steward still active.

Give me a couple candidates and good reasons to pass it on and we will get the "Blues" to de-sticky this one and resume normal operations. (Ace, this means you ...)

not to be confused with Xeer, who is much better looking... now that he sports a beard.
Guild Name: <Bloodsong Legion>

Style Focus: RP/PvP


Guild Theme: Bloodsong Legion is a Horde Military RP/PvP guild based in Ashenvale. We are focused on taking Ashenvale.

Website: Bloodsonglegion.enjin.com
03/11/2014 01:49 AMPosted by Rumbrand
[quote]Give me a couple candidates and good reasons to pass it on and we will get the "Blues" to de-sticky this one and resume normal operations. (Ace, this means you ...)[/i]

Thanks for a response, Zigra, I'm Rumbrand instead of Aceheart now. Since my posting, Bebbit has continued to update his thead that I linked to (most recent update was [3/10/14]). It looks as if his thread has been sticked, which is great ^.^. It would be nice if this one was locked or destickied though so as not to confuse people.

Just a reminder that if you want your guild to be listed in a sticky, go to this thread:


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