ED Guild Listing [05/06/12 update]

Emerald Dream
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<Axiom> - Axiom.wowstead.com - RP+ PvE+++ PvP+, Anaximenes (GL), Darmaul, Blighthaven, Lesnol

This should be updated

<Axiom> - Axiom.wowstead.com - RP+ PVE+++ PVP+, Dangerclose (GL), Idest, Khange, Mooglir, Freddy

<Shattered Oath> www.shatteredoath.com - RP* PvP+++ PvE+++ Rokh, Hexoatl, Thessaly, Trezd, Zimi, Tatama

Oh my. This IS quite old. Officers should be listed as Drahndia, Thessaly, Rokh, and Drane.
Also sticky requested.
((Updated with most recent, keep the updates coming... still will work on it on Saturday.))
Forgot to list Harazh on the list of officers. Silly me.
((Alright, all guilds currently on the list are in the armory. Unknown if they are fully active, but they do exist. I will continue to update.

Also, please report for sticky. Thanks.))
((Bump for any more changes and maybe a sticky.))
Please add us, sir!

<The Sunsworn> [thesunsworn.guildlaunch.com]
Contact: Vyktur, Nephilíum, Víndel, Dannø
((Done and done.))
I'll do this for the guys since they don't seem to forum much ok

<One Eight Seven>

((Bumped and updated.))
<Courage> courage.guildportal.com
Contact: Bloodpoole, Bridgess

Why wont they sticky these? 8[
((Updated and I wish they would sticky. Would make my life easier. :) ))
((Sticky please.))

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