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Emerald Dream
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((Updated once again. And will continue updating. So maybe, sticky. :) ))
<Guild Name> - website - RP+++ PvE+ PvP++, Contact

<Rise of Legends>
RP* PvP+ PvE+++
Contacts: Loganash & Davee
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Rhooja is no longer in charge of recruitment for AotP, I took over for her.
you know saying please sticky doesnt do anything righhht? you actually have to report it and say sticky?
It bumps it so more people are likely to see it and request a sticky, though.
yeah i was just talking about whoever Karust is, he just says sticky plz which makes you think hes just replying and not actually reporting and sticky requesting
((Updated. From here on out I'll update every couple of weeks.))
<House Hibernumbra> - http://www.househibernumbra.wowstead.com/ - RP+++++ PvP++++ PvE+, Nicholai

Guild Name: House Hibernumbra
Realm: Emerald Dream
Faction: Horde
Guild Type: RP-PvP(RP+++++ PvP++++ PvE+)
Theme: Band of thugs, thieves, and murderers.
  • Formerly: Assassin Guild with Loyalties to the Horde

  • Style: RP-Based, Rogue-Only, Arranged World-PvP.
    Guild Website: http://www.househibernumbra.wowstead.com/
  • Needs updating...

  • Public Contacts: Nicholai, Varlus, any member of "Agent" level or higher

    Guild Introduction Thread:
    Guild Update Thread:

    <Sythegore Arm> www.sythegorearm.guildomatic.com RP+ PVE+++ PvP*, Saekar, Sellihca, or Xerona.

    Can we get this changed too:
    <Sythegore Arm> sythegorearm.guildomatic.com RP++ PVE+++ PvP+, Telarr, Xerona, Fizzlepuff, Aoylera.

    Old site is still up but a new one is being made because of Administration change.

    RP *

    PvE ++

    PvP +

    GL : Tolip, Suuyo, Raven, Regashee

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