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Emerald Dream
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((Updated, next update in a couple of weeks.))
Please update Alliance PVE Guild Highly Unorthodox Guild Leader to Ethrea, He swapped mains. Thank you.
<Goldwing Adventurers>

Site: http://gwaguild.com

RP+ (Roleplay friendly, but not guild required.)



GL: Eldonia
Please add to thread

<CLUTCH> - Horde PvE Guild

Site: http://c-l-u-t-c-h.wowstead.com

Guild Leader: Shermen



<Sanctus> - Horde PVE Guid - Semi-hardcore 10-man

Site: http://sanctus.wowstead.com/

Guid Leader: Jxx

RP (Not really but welcomes it)
PVE +++
PVP ++
Updated for website change:

<Six Feet Under> - http://sfuguild.org - RP+ PvE++ PvP+++, Zenza (GL)
<Bold As Lions>


GL: Lion
guild site for <Knights of the Naaru> is kotn.wowstead.com RP+ PVE+++ PVP++
thank you.
<Gilneas Born> - Website Coming - RP+++ PvE++ PvP++, Cenwig
<Hellfire Angels> - http://hellfireangels.guildlaunch.com - RP+ PvE++++ PvP++, Mooniu (GL), Viener, Felgank, Kristallyne
Feel free to remove us from any lists. We've moved servers to Stormreaver.
<Destiny and Desire>

http://destiny-and-desire.wowstead.com/ (Yes I know I'm taking the easy way into making a guild site)

RP +++ (WARNING: Erotica likely)

PvE + (varies)

PvP + (Not as important)


I like to take care of things hands-on. I want to have many RP events, such as comedy night at a major city, that aren't done anywhere else. Be aware, this guild is made to NOT BE PG!!!! I'm looking for ADULTS who aren't afraid to be a little naughty.
Please update this list with guild levels(or at least main markers, such as 10, 20, and 25)! It makes a big difference in decisions, approximate members is important too as no one like a humongous guild filled with alts.
"<No Mercy Mafia> - http://www.nomercymafia.com - PvP+++, PvE ++, RP +, Jaxheal (GL)"

Please change the Guild Leader of NMM to Jesmin as sadly Jaxheal has stepped away from the game.
(( I know it's been a while, but list is now updated. For now I will leave guild levels off, due to needed to update them way too often. Enjoy.))

<For Valhalla>

Site: http://forvalhalla.guildomatic.com

GL: Elderus
The contacts for Nyx need to be updated. Take off Aitana, Asaralah and Warburn and add Kallokain, Warzen, Myyah, Cobriana, Miaoyin and Locomono.
Hk Army http://hkarmy.guildportal.com


Contact= Juggernaught or Giggabyte

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