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Emerald Dream
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<Emo Teen Poetry Squad> Site under construction- Non-RP. PvP/wPvP orientated. (GM)Annalix. Officers are Selene, Esteedeeze, Tdub and Cripd. Openly looking for recruits for MoP PvP, RBGs and arena grinding.
Been trying to get a list of Emerald Dream guilds and their officers on TheRealm.Shivtr.com in the Tavern. Here is the list as it is now, but I will be updating it on the site.

(Updated Here 8/30/2012)

Celestial Rebirth
GM: Layke
Officers: Redundance, Dyyrza, Kataani, Totemspammer

Clan Battlehammer
GM: Brúenor
Officers: Emrys, Thórín, Bremstoner, Keella, Nyess, Kalstad, Greydorf, Bergathal, Rofiki, many more.
Website: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild/320395/

Crimson Skies
GM: Sachiel
Officers: Ezroth, Elmariachi, Cerrik

Leader: Aanubis (Alt Ruggrat)
Officer: Waggles

House Blackstone
Leader: Eowynn
Officers: Albelio, Valmortis, Kendal, Madigar, Andune, Zabado,
Website: http://houseblackstone.wowstead.com/

House Winterborn
Leader: Galrik
Officers: Dune, Aegios
Website: http://HouseWinterborn.com

Keepers of Stromgarde
Leader: Vannek
Officers: Avici, Abberrilas, Balaal

Kingship of the East
Leader: Hinik
Officers: Kristyl, Haxley, Mafius, Ashoke, Larké, Florena, Swindon
Website: http://kingshipofeast.com/

Nobles of the Republic
GM: Tisis
Officers: Peppo, Verdance
Website: http://noblesoftherepublic.guildzilla.com/

Order of Ancient Accord
GM: Baeodan
Website: http://AncientAccord.enjin.com

GM: Ashemm
Website: http://TheRealm.Shivtr.com

The Allegiance
Leader: Zèùs
Officers: Ionella, Älphä, Ømegá, Gwyneverè, Niftiè, Dottië, Lilliaun

The Scarlet Çrusade
GM: Abbendìs
Officers: Glimdir, Whítemane, Marjhán, Amerette, Starryeyed, Nostalgick, Broughtmore

The Vakhar Order
GM: Artuer
Officer: Sairos
Website: http://vahkarorder.guildportal.com/

Throne of Terra
GM: Oäthbreäker
Officers: Zentripper, Edasamesam, Frandund, Heign, Bizzex

Horde Guilds

Earthspear Clan
GM: Machik
Officers: Auryan, Takota, Taho, Démitria

Laughing Skull
GM: Nakoichi
Officers: Undeadfredi, XxSlacker, Poggle, Alyana, Ankor, Azraël, Gjuice, Scarhoof, Vállok, Xizwhoa
Website: http://laughingskullguild.enjin.com/home
<Slow Children At Play>
Contact Moodahla or Feovaca

We are a level 21 Alliance guild with a desire to level (toons and the guild) and begin raiding as soon as possible. We are currently looking for healers and dps but will consider all levels and classes.
I can personally say my two previous guilds <Stride> and <Kurakot> are dead/inactive.

I am now with Valkyrie.
(( Probably should have done this earlier. Any chance us Orcs can get on here?))

<Clan Stormfist> GM - Gormush
Website - http://clanstormfist.guildlaunch.com/
Focus - RP+++ PvE* PvP+,
Contacts - Gormush, Ugannar, Morgwolfbane, Krayok
>> Go To The Lumber-mill <<

WEBSITE: http://go2thelumbermill.wix.com/go-to-the-lumbermill


Contacts: Bookahzz, Joesus, Siennaamoon, Crìckette

New to realm, experienced and creative leadership, all interests and levels welcome!
<I Hate Your Face>

No site currently may have one soon.

Gm: Alzamora

Focus: PvP+++ PvE++

Contacts: Alzamora, Atramors, Iceline, Moonfirelol, Babyaids, Yissa, Jamalynn

We are primarily a pvp guild with a great love of world pvp. We also love to do achievements old school raids and stuff like that. We will do some raiding but not too much.
Please add the guild <Dream Sport> No website, PvE++ PvP+++
Guild leader or contact Wingedknight or Misnitestabn or Worrgames
I hope everyone else is also enjoying MoP so far and we hope to see you grow with us.
Name: <Bads>

Theme: Vigilante Justice/ Heavy PvP
Style: Mercenaries, Justicars, and everything in between. You choose your character and they will interact with others in the guild however they wish whether it be as adversaries or allis. The unique aspect is the Xmen style transmogs and desire to engage in combat among eachother and outside the guild with WPvP. Once up and going we will be running Fight Club style PvP in Darkmoon Arena and hosting events, gambling, and PvP themed scenes. RP is not required as PvP is the main focus of the guild however it is highly advocated.

Main Hubs: Murder Row, Ratchet (Where we will be opening a cross faction pub one evening a week.), and around the Darkmoon Arena.

Public Contacts: Nazarah, Nazerah, Mattiak, Ingrìd.

P.S. - The first thing one will notice about our guild is the exceptionally low level. We are averaging about a level and a half each day. The players we have in the guild are friends IRL and very active throughout the week. We are careful to run dungeons together and maximize guild xp. We will be lv 25 in no time at the rate we're moving. Currently looking for levels 30 - 50 as since we re-rolled this is approximately the level of our alts. We are blasting through dungeons and need more in group to raise guild level. All classes and races accepted. If you truly suck and do not show improvement you will be removed however you will be offered guidance, assistance, and have most of your needs met as you level.

Interview process: Right now we are accepting everything (as long as you are an adult) but as my man and I reach endgame we will be weeding out the "True Bads". Let's face it our goal is to own face in PvP. We're not elitist but we're not carebear either. You don't get scolded for speaking your mind here. Philosophical and psycological discourse is appreciated. =D
<Ripple Effect> is a new guild who welcomes anyone. We are recruiting people who want to competitively raid as well as pvp. Contact Cerzei or I if you want to know more. If you join us your decision could affect time and space itself!


2nd in Command officer-Cerzei
House Winterborn is defunct, by the way.
<Aeturnas Trinitas>

RP ++
PVE ++
PVP ++

Casual eclectic guild with 10 years of history.

GL: Sarafias
This should be updated properly by the OP or at the very least a new one created/stickied and this unstickied.

<Violent Apathy>

RP* (but welcome)

GM ~ Ryar
Officers ~ Bearoism Daggerdsan Mirejutsu Emmance Cloud Dizzywick

Multiple raid teams week nights and weekend evenings pve.
PVP is active in the afternoons and after our raids.

We produce a weekly podcast called Stopcast that is about our guild and this game. It is explicit.
The Forsaken Empire


RPPvP for Undercity
<Descendants of Azotha>
Contact: Auldrick (GL)
The Regiment

Site: Coming soon

RP *
PvE +++
PvP ++

Contact: Kaotìc(GL), Jkrbttrfly(Co-GL)
Officers: Dirtydaggers, Kjerstin
Agree with Ryar. This should be MOP updated or recreated.
<Guardians of the Dawn> - guardiansofthedawn.guildlaunch.com - RP+++ PvE+ PvP+, Contact: Iudith, Solårus, longinus.

We are yet another blood elf focused rp guild on Emerald dream. What makes us unique? We combine high quality role play with an extreme openness to helping new people develop their skills. We plan on increasing the amount of pvp and pve we do at some point, but as for now it is fairly casual. We intend to build story lines that people can plug into, rather than relying on solely random role play. More info on the website.
<Ewiges Licht> www.ewigesguild.com - PvE +++ PvP++ RP+(developing) - Contact : Matthias, Izoshua, Burnida, or Demoncracy.

We are looking for awesome people who are interested in being a part of a great community. Join the family, become eternal, enter the light!

Not sure if this is still being updated at all but here goes.

<Violent Apathy> www.violentapathy.com ++PVE +PVP --RP Affiliate of www.thegeekhole.com a gaming community. VA is the Stopcast worlf of warcraft podcast guild.

Contact Ryar, Daggerdsan and Bontchimuz for the 25 man. Cloud and Crecy for PVP. Mirexia for 10 man. Emmance, Vitomojo and myself for any other guild interests.

We are listed on the in game recruitment anyone would like, you can find us there as well.

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