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Emerald Dream
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GnomeTech at a Glance
- Full Name: The Gnomeregan Technical Institute
- Premise: A gnomish research university for magic and engineering
- Roleplay: Emphasis on creativity and fun. Known for public events. Beginners welcome.
- PvE: Leveling, dungeons, old-world content, and just-for-fun casual raids.
- PvP: Fun-focused world PvP, casual arena and battleground teams. Occasional all-gnome rated battlegrounds.
- Requirements: You must be a roleplayer and you must be nice. All races, classes, levels, and play styles are welcome.


Do you enjoy blowing things up? Homicidal robots? Armies of demonic murlocs? Comparative analysis of pre-war gnomish literary poetry? Delicious grilled tauren burgers? Then GnomeTech might be for you!

The Gnomeregan Technical Institute, or GnomeTech for short, Azeroth's premier technical research institution. At GnomeTech, you’ll study with world-renowned faculty, in state-of-the-art facilities, with the brightest young minds of the Alliance. At GnomeTech, you can study anything you want, from pyrotechnic engineering to troll anthropology. We’re always looking for new talent, so don’t hesitate to apply any time of the semester.

GnomeTech accepts students from all backgrounds, not just gnomes. After all, diversity is key to intellectual growth. Besides, we need humans and elves to reach things on high shelves when our claw machines break down.

Roleplaying at GnomeTech
GnomeTech is Emerald Dream’s oldest roleplaying guild, founded at the server’s opening in September 2005. We’re a well known and respected part of the Alliance roleplaying community. GnomeTech is best known for its regular public roleplay events, including parties, parades, dances, banquets, races, raids, mock trials, plays, stand-up comedy, summits, and many more. Our annual GnomeTech Prom and Winter Veil formal regularly draw hundreds of players.

Roleplay is GnomeTech’s primary objective. As a member, you’ll be invited to participate in creative, original storylines, conversations, and events. Our focus is always on fun, and we never take ourselves too seriously; at GnomeTech, outrageous, outlandish, unrealistic stories are the norm. We’re never afraid to bend the rules for the sake of fun and originality, though never at the expense of quality and courtesy. We strive to be as welcoming, friendly, and helpful as possible, especially for motivated beginners.

Other Opportunities

While our focus is on roleplay, GnomeTech brings its unique eccentric passion to all areas of gameplay. GnomeTech will never be a serious endgame progressive guild, but our max-level plays often group together for quests, dungeons, and tavern-crawls. GnomeTech has recently begun to focus more on PvP, including story-driven world PvP with our allied guilds, battleground and arena groups, and even all-gnome rated battlegrounds. With the introduction of Flex raiding, we've started a just-for-fun raiding team.

Joining GnomeTech

Our requirements are as follows:
1. You must be an enthusiastic roleplayer, and
2. You must be a generally pleasant and agreeable person.

That’s it! We accept any races, classes, levels, play styles, experience levels, and backgrounds. We welcome beginners who are eager to learn. If you have a passion for the wacky and eccentric, you’ll find a place in GnomeTech.

There are two ways to apply:
1. Fill out a brief, simple application form on our website, linked below, or
2. Conduct an in-game, in-character interview with an officer.

To learn more about GnomeTech or apply online, visit our website:


And remember kids, just say no to goblin engineering!

And remember kids, just say no to goblin engineering!

by far the best alliance guild for me :) free bump
GnomeTech is one of the oldest and honestly in the top 3 RP guilds on this server (on either faction). Anyone who joins will receive copious amounts of distilled awesome drizzled on them from their awesominium distillery. And I'm not just saying that because I've had my cerebral cortex hacked by Zappie's behavior transmodulator device!
GnomeTech is also known for some of the most stunning pyrotechnics displays in all of Azeroth (and as of this past month, we've expanded to Outland as well!). Come enroll in one of the world's finest educational institutions and you, too, can help make things explode in an aesthetically pleasing manner!
Only GnomeTech-brand Gnomes can leap and survive a fall from the battlements of Stormwind Keep with no more than two and a half poorly functioning rocket boosters, a tattered parachute cloak, and a Gnomish Army Knife.
GnomeTech is now recruiting gnome priests for our new medical school!
As a new student at GnomeTech I can only say It has exceeded all my expectations. Some of the Murloc research is in my opinion frankly misguided and possibly downright dangerous, but on the whole, this is a great Institute.
Zappie, I just want to apologize for soul firing you during that beach party in Tanaris.

I know it's been several years since then, but would you accept it?
GnomeTech is the reason I wish I were a more avid roleplayer. Good times to be had, folks!
I felt I should make my First Cataclysm New Forum post right here.
My very first day on this server, I brought my brand-new alt to SW on the very day of the GnomeTech prom a year or two ago. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen in WoW. Then <The Crew> (back before they starting calling themselves "Da Crew") invaded the prom with at least one full raid, and I watched while Kingship of the East and No Mercy Mafia beat them back and wiped them.

I'd literally been on Emerald Dream an hour and a half and I saw hundreds of characters having a party, the biggest wPvP I'd ever seen, and the best part: the GnomeTech party didn't even stop. After the horde were wiped, they just kept on, and I stayed for the whole thing.

/salutes GnomeTech for being the best welcome-mat in the WoW universe.
GnomeTech Wants YOU!

*small print*

for D.E.A.D. ( Developmental Explosives: Analysis Division )
Ever wanted to examine old or faulty explosives that failed GnomeTech's thorough field testing? Ever wanted a laboratory in a small underground bunker, miles and miles away from civilization?
We sure as hell didn't!
Apply today!

*small print*

Friendly bump for 4 years ago
I just want to say that this is the finest guild in all of warcraft, in BC I was in a raid guild and the drama was horrible, have been in RP guilds where the drama was pretentious at best, but with GnomeTech we have drama, who is running the Pyrotechnics club, we have guild events, and I am sure if enough of us put our minds together we might even someday raid together, although many of us have raiding friends.

all in all its fun being gnometech.
Just a few hours until the war against the goblins officially begins. All proponents of true engineering, join with us and zap the green-skinned charlatans!
11/21/2010 5:10 PMPosted by Yldruim
GnomeTech is also known for some of the most stunning pyrotechnics displays in all of Azeroth (and as of this past month, we've expanded to Outland as well!). Come enroll in one of the world's finest educational institutions and you, too, can help make things explode in an aesthetically pleasing manner!

First of all, I want to express my respect for this guild. If I had any empty slots left to roll Alliance on this server, I would be applying for this guild.

Now, we are hosting a pyrotechnic show tomorrow night to celebrate the release of Cataclysm.¹ Hypothetically speaking, is there any specific Gnome of your faculty or student body one might... borrow to aid in the show? I would promise to return him/her without any new superfluous holes... hypothetically speaking, of course.


¹ - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1208031103
He knows how to use footnotes! Impressive for a blood elf. Maybe you would be a worthy subject for study.
GnomeTech: begin your fancy goggle collection today!

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