LK 10 Bane run (Originally Sweety's group)...

Area 52
lol Thanks Dodg! Muchly appreciate the time...not that it really took very long.

I'd like to try to do this again next week if anyones interested. But I may end up flying home next week so we'll see...

Going again this week? If you are hit me up.. tonight is the only night i won't be able to make it
Hmm...not sure dude. I might help Jafung out with one of his runs - you should fire him an in-game mail and see if he needs a holy pally. He's doing a run this coming week.

I'm still not at home and still don't have my mic, so I'm rather reluctant to actually lead a raid without one.

I still have a lockout with him up. Our best attempt has had him well into final phase, but pugging just isn't working out.

If anyone with experience would like another go, I'd be interested in scheduling something.

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