Polearm a good tanking weapon?

Death Knight
I know that polearm got no str. on them, instead they got agil. It upgrade my dodge and parry rating at the cost of a little dps. But ive noticed since we got a lot of instant attack the dmg. number were higher (3.60 weapon speed). So from my point of view i think yes, but i would like your comment on this. Thx.
I prefer tanking with a polearm,, its a personal prefrence due to the animations with a polearm are awsome, lol

That and its basicaly a big stick with a knife on the end
Pre 4.0.1 the 284 polearm was 2nd BiS. I'm not quite sure how that's changed with the agi change but yea, polearms are pretty solid.
Two equal weapons side-by-side (iLvl)? Go with the Str 2H.

Otherwise, pick the one that gives you the most substantial stat increase. If your Polearm is 264 and your 2H is 232, the Polearm will probably be better.

Of course, no matter what, 2500 Honor is easy as hell to farm, so your goal should be to get the 264 Wrathful weapon ASAP (unless you have better available).

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