Leveling as Prot

If you were going to level your pally with prot, what kinds of items would you grab for it? My pally has mostly prot gear so I don't think leveling as ret is really gonna work plus I will probably do my leveling with friends.


That is my toon, not really totally regemmed since the patch. What do you think, more strength gems? Str/stam maybe.

If you were going to mix in some DPS items what types in general would you use? I have a few items but not many. Some crit/haste items? Thanks.
PVP Server: Prot spec, Ret PvP gear

PVE Server: Mix of greys and level 1 RP gear.
I leveled as prot 6 years ago to 60.
I leveled as prot from level 60 to 70.
I leveld as prot from level 75 to 80.

The leveling process as prot is getting a lot faster (ie: we do more damage, having ShoR helped a lot at 75, but now it'll be an earlier level).


Wear strength/stam gear. If there's crit or haste on it, reforge that into dodge/parry. Or hit/expertise. Whatever you feel you need more of. If it's already got dodge/parry on it, you're good to go and it's a tank item.


Stam/Expertise in reds.
Stam in blues.
Hit or stam/hit where you can fit it.
I wouldn't think this would be an issue; I'll be leveling in my tank gear. My wife's Rogue will be providing the bulk of the DPS. I provide a non-squishy target for things to hit while she kills them. I often serve as bait for PvP-minded Alliance, as well.

PVP Server: Prot spec, Ret PvP gear.

If you're going to put Ret. PvP gear on, you might as well just spec Ret.
there is no more ret pvp gear come cata.

just melee plate

prot uses the same stats are ret for pvp

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