Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse 25-man tips

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Scrub 25-man raider here,

So how long did it take you to down H. Siegecrafter on 25-man? How many wipes did it take you to down this guy?

My guild is starting progression on this boss next week, and I was wondering what others have experienced on this boss? Any tips you can give out (mostly healer since I'm a healer but hey, I wouldn't mind relaying some dps/tank tips to my fellow guildmates).

Is this really the Dark Animus of this tier? or maybe Lei Shen?
Blackfuse is def no joke. I think we were ~150 attempts. Healer specific wise all I really have for you is that we found it easier to 4 heal than we did to 5 heal. As for general "on the platform" advice this fight is mostly about positioning and handling the crawler mines. Belts should take people a while to get down (for whatever reason, they aren't overly challenging IMO but then again I do play a great class for them).

Is it the animus of the tier? I don't know, its a different kind of frustrating and I def prefer SC over animus on a personal level. In terms of difficulty I find blackfuse harder than animus but not quite as hard as lei shen.
Belt teams need to be on-point; late-attempt belt deaths can really make life difficult. We used mainly rogues and hunters on the belts, with an extra hunter on the boss full-time for frost traps to help with crawler mines.

Tanks need to manage their stacks throughout the fight; the tank debuff should never be allowed to fall off, so they need to communicate with you about when to use externals on them so they don't get crushed by the debuff at high stacks.

I think two of our hunters went up for every belt.

Can't really help much more than that until you get some wipes in and have specific tough points for your group.

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