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To the OP: Thank you for your service. Thank you and your family for your sacrifices for us.

And thank you for helping to make it so that people like this


Why do we treat murderers as heroes? Why do we say military folk are "defending" us, when the people we're killing have no ability at all to attack us?

have the freedom to vomit their opinions all over the place and take advantage of other freedoms afforded us by the military's diligent work rather than put themselves in the line of fire like the good little ungrateful cowards they are.

Jexton, educate yourself on the military. And I don't mean by watching another Michael Moore movie either or visiting Media Matters online.
12/04/2013 03:31 PMPosted by Jexton
Havoc - I don't deny that some of the stuff our military does is good, like building schools. But innocent people, including children, die in these wars - by our hands.

Unless you are talking drone strikes, I would be hard pressed to find an incident where innocent people (including kids) die by a soldiers hands.

Remember, you are talking about the actual PEOPLE. A drone is not a murderer. And also, We have rules of engagement. When you kill someone, you get investigated. You fill out reports and witnesses are asked. If it was murder, you go to prison.

I am not arguing the politics of war. I am arguing the fact that you call people like me and OP murderers. The one time I had the opportunity to shoot someone in the face, I chose not to. I chose not to because that is how I am trained. I could have, he tried to disarm me and kill me and my friends. But I chose not to.

And here you are saying we are all murders who kill kids?

I get what you are trying to say but what you actually said was ignorant and very insulting. You sound like you have been fed secondhand bull and ate up every word without even speaking to a direct source at all.

I respect your opinions, but only if they are in fact your won and not just political garbage you read online and somehow became an expert on foreign policy and military doctrine.

I'm leaving it at that. This thread will probably be locked soon and I am in the middle of a "News Room" marathon anyways. I wish you the best and I still rather have you have the freedom to be ignorant and insulting than have you silenced out of fear of repercussion. Speak your mind and don't ever stop. Just speak YOUR mind and not someone elses.
I forsee a threadlock or deletion if this convo continues the way it is, even with a blue post.

My grandfather was in National Service, my father in law in Libya in WW2, my great grandfather fought and survived Passchaendale, one of the most brutal conflicts of the First World War.

I have friends who were in Iraq, friends who were and are in the 'stan, they were and are people of strength, courage and honour. My family was part of INTERFET, the UN forces that helped East Timor gain its independence and assisted their people to establish itself as a nation in its own right.

My wife's mother's friends were in Korea, after Uncle Kim crashed across the 38th Parallel. As a child I met soldiers who served and fought in Vietnam...each and every one of them was someone I could and did look up to, who took a child whose father had decided didnt want them and served as a "big brother", showed me compassion, love, strength and hope.

One of them helped guide me to join a volunteer ambulance service at age twelve..a decision that helped shape my life in ways I had no idea could be possible. From that decision, a man entered my life who became the father I never had....he is gone now, and all that I am, all that I believe.....all the joys in life I found were because of him.

The soldier too, is gone...but I owe that man a blood debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.

Who sat me down one day and explained to me that my childlike idea of "glory" in war..wasnt, and (not going into brutal detail, of course) explained to me that men and women must stand on the front lines...and that each and every one of them dreamed and still dreams of a day when we "wont have to study war no more", when each of them did what they had to, in our nations defence.

Or the day when a mature man of forty broke down in tears, admitting he missed his adopted Iraqi family greatly, told us how they had "'adopted him" and how he had never eaten at the base refectory, but had broken bread with them in their own home, how the mother had been his "mother" during his tour..and that a few days later we learned he had re-upped and gone back..because THEY were family now....loving them as a son misses his own mother.

You disgrace yourself with your hatred, and you do those of whom I admire and respect greatly no harm.

You are despicable..BE SILENT, I say, sir, not one more word. Be silent in disgrace, and I will forgive you your hatred
Why do we thank soldiers these days?
And as long as I have breath (and am not banned from the forums ;)) I will NOT be silent. I will always stand up for what I believe is right.

And you, sir, have earned a permanent place on my ignore list on each and every toon I have for as long as I play.
Miri, I heard an emotional, epic piece in my head while I was reading that.
I know you think that pulling every single Soldier out of all 600 bases will solve all of our problems, when in reality, it won't.

North Korea does have the technology to launch a Nuclear Weapon. Earlier this year, they tested a rocket that violated Ballistic Weapons Treaties. They have the technology to launch satellites, so who's to say that they won't stick a Warhead on, and launch one at LA?

War was always a last resort. WW1, and WW2 shows that. We've always been as neutral as we can be.

12/04/2013 03:47 PMPosted by Jexton
I understand that North Korea is a rogue state and doesn't play by the rules. But this goes back to what I was saying earlier - if we got our nose out of everyone's business, people would stop being pissed at us. North Korea hates us because we're in South Korea. We don't belong there. We're spending money we don't have to be there.

They hate us for the Korean War, and stopping them from uniting them under Communism. South Korea WANTED our help, and we were doing anything to prevent Communism, at any cost. Was that a bad idea? Maybe.

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