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I can make balanced trillium ingot and I can make accelerated balanced trillium . does anyone know where to get recipes for gear and weapons though??? Any info would be appreciated.
There are no weapons that use Balanced trillium, you can make legs and belts (553) through creating the balanced trillium each day, you will also learn all the PvP (476) gear recipes too. There are legs and belt for each class and spec that wears plate. Be aware that making the accelerated one will not teach you a new recipe. One a day cooldown, so be ready for a long wait on the 553 gear.
Where can you get the recipes though??? You kill mobs in certain places???
You have already learned 3 patterns, 2 553 ones.
Where can you get the recipes though??? You kill mobs in certain places???

You learn them by making the balanced trillium ingots once a day.
As Vzory said, you learn a recipe as you make a trillium bar. When you'll get the 553 ones is down to luck. Accelerated just avoids the daily cool down at whatever a Spirits of War costs on your AH. It's 21 bars for a belt, 28 for the leggings, with a tank, dps and healer recipe.
You have not yet learned the recipes for Lightning Steel. This it learned through an item drop on the Isle of Thunder. A mob named Itoka drops a quest item that teaches you how to make Lightning Steel. He is located just outside the Thunder Forge, which is downhill from Nalak to the east. Pick up item and accept the quest. You then have to enter the Thunder Forge to complete the quest and get the plans for Lightning Steel and the ilvl 463 Reborn weapons.

Creating Lightning Steel teaches a random ilvl 458 Crafted Dreadful PvP armor plan or an ilvl 522 boot or helm recipe. You learn the higher-ilvl weapon recipes (476 and 502) from creating the 463 version of the weapon.

For the Itoka fight, you simply need to stay out of his 2 AoE attacks and avoid the wandering circles of death. At the halfway point of the fight, he bubbles. To dispel bubble you need to click the 4 giant urns with the lightning bolts coming out of them. At your ilvl, the fight should be easy.
Thank you everyone for your help. I really appreciate it. I've been trying to figure out how to make the gear on thunder isle. Now I know. Thank you very much!
Itoka drops a quest item that teaches you how to make Lightning Steel
This is my blacksmith. I've tried to solo this guy without success. About what iLevel do I need to do this?

I don't have any friends playing Alliance or on this server and there aren't many people on Thunder Island anymore.
Should get one recipe for a belt when you learn how to make balanced trillium. The rest are from discovery while using balanced trillium cds. Some days you will get PvP stuff, some days you will get the PvE belts/legs. Total of 6 PvE for BS against about 30 or so PvP. Odds are that you will get PvP more often, but if you do enough you will learn them all.

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