Best leveling spec for also using LDF

I would like to use the dungeon finder as much as possible while leveling, but I don't want to get to bored with always healing or dpsing.

I was holy and just switched to prot today.

Can I still be a decent healer and dpser with a prot spec?
DPSing is easy to learn. You can practice on dummies.

go prot main spec, holy secondary spec.
Leveling my paladin (Strictly through LFD, haven't stepped out of dalaran/silvermoon since level 15 more or less.) as prot I find only time I really need heals is when im silenced, pulling 2 or more groups or tanking bosses.

I queued as both tank and healer pre-50 as prot spec and i healed just fine until i had the gold to pick up dual specialization then i became specific.

I also pushed for mostly stam/int gear (Was too lazy to build two different sets, though now im starting to since i'm in the 70s and dungeons are ramping up in difficulty a bit.)
I went Prot/Holy but found Tank gets instant queues no matter what time but Healers don't at later times or early.

Honestly spec doesn't matter for healing at low levels or tanking. As Holy it just makes it stupid easy to the point where I can afk and just check to see how they're doing after every pull. As long as you get a big enough mana pool you can heal fine.

Tanking would be harder without spec but doable.

In the end I switched to Ret/Holy so I can get quest rewards. It's possible to spec for all 3 though, Shockadin/Prot and quest as Shockadin.

Edit: at low levels Exo spam and Holy Shock top DPS charts every single time. Problem is going oom.

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