70s Friday 11/19/2010 (Stinker Tinkers!)

Go go go

Edit: Going to post stats of tonight's games (# of individual toons horde vs alliance, # of games/venues, etc...).
GG just got dropped from my first q since patch. Same bug as everyone has been reporting - clicked enter and never teleported in.
I have found that queing up for a random battleground does not work. It will pop, and after clicking enter battleground nothing happens. Queing for specific battlegrounds does seem to work though, just with extremely long ques as usual.
ok Q'd for wsg / ab.

avg wait: 16 min
time in queue: 19 min

avg wait: 5 min
time in queue 19 min
What classifies as 'tonight' for you? US standard?
Oh, it's 6pm central for me. Probably going to play/queue for another 4 hours.

Now it's:

Avg wait time: 18 Min
Estimated time in Q: 30 Min

Avg wait time: 4 Min
Time in queue: 30 Min

Warsong popped after 38 minutes
Switching to ally side...
EOTS 5 min wait in random queue.
Really wish they hadn't taken away cyclone...

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