Bloodsail Admiral rep info

So, now that 4.0.3a has dropped on PTR and much more people gain access to the revamped old world, what is the clear and detailed status regarding the revamped Bloodsail Admiral rep, especially :

- Is it confirmed in-game that killing BB guards will continue to give you rep until exalted?
- If that's so, is there a confirmed way to raise Steamwheedle rep back to exalted without hurting Bloodsail rep?
- Also, is the cloth turn-in quests to remedy your Steamwheedle rep still around? Will they reduce your Bloodsail rep upon turnin still?
- Quoted from blue poster : "Also, to ensure that this change does not negatively affect Cataclysm quest progression in Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay Bruisers will now provide reputation up through Exalted". Any word or confirmation on which "negative effect of Cata quest progression" is prevented by allowing BB guards to give you Bloodsail rep up to exalted?
I dunno. And I don't need to find out except on an alt.

I'm already maxed!
who cares?
Thats cool, I was going to start to grind back my BB rep, but now I will see if I can get exalted my Winters Veil where I can get Steemwheedle rep.

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