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Being a solid holy player in BG's, i can tell you that a holy paladin is far, FAR more durable than ANY other class, period. I regularly find myself tanking 4-5 players, for minutes at a time. I am hoping the OP has pvp gear, because resil is a MUST have. I am at 1200+ right now, it really makes a difference to survive through a 5-10 second chain silence. ONE word of glory will take you from 10% to 100% health.

And my gear is still garbage. I shudder to think how hard it would be to kill a full on wrathful holy paladin.

Heres to hoping we dont get nerfed, I hate dying in pvp =)
Signing your name after every post makes you look like a complete idiot.

I have full relentless gear with some wrathful. To answer one curiosity. Even without it I still live till help comes with around 3 players on me when guarding a flag.

To Carerra, I sign that way because that is the name I am known by since all my characters are named Pern(someing) and I prefer to be referred to as Pern anyway. I also like to be formal. As you can see from how I refrain from abbreviating, using acronyms, internet idioms and I generally use proper English grammar and punctuation. Don't begrudge me my thoughtful and proper use of language and polite format.

Fantastic ty.

Precisely what I was looking for =D
It generates holy power, it can't be interrupted, and you want the holy power for when we gain access to inquisition at 81. Blessed life is getting nerfed so if you use crusader strike you will keep your word of glory and Inquisition available for use. This is mostly for pvp and soloing elite mobs. With the new strengthening of exorcism coming in the shattering (4.03a) the rotation I mentioned may change. But you still want crusader strike on your bar for holy power. It will be key to instantly getting into inquisition and popping cooldowns to make somebody taste the ground at a much faster rate.

As of now though, crusader strike dose a good enough amount of damage for an instant cast even though it is almost crap with our caster weapons. This is why I have been suggesting in most of my threads that I would like to have caster weapons dps (min-max) damage be the same as any other weapon of the same item level and speed. This change would primarily affect healers. Mainly shaman and paladins. The only foreseeable problem I get from this is pally tanks taking caster weapons and enhancement shaman doing so as well.

Keep the questions coming and have fun out there.

You apparently are missing my point, Latrocius. I am giving advice on leveling and pvp rotations, not on raid dps (to which I say don't join a group thinking it is viable). You will never be able to rely on keeping that rotation up on anyone. If you do this spam rotation, a player will die if you are lucky, or just plain stop you long before you finish. Shockadins are turrets in battle grounds when you have help and arent in melee range. So yes you should then exorcism, shock, judge, exorcism till shock is up, then repeat. But this is only if you are assisting in killing and standing next to a flag to keep an eye on it or being safe and a pain in the ass by staying back. I have said it once and I will say it again, shockadins are for solo play. So when you are in a one on one battle or you are jumped by two players, My previously stated priority and rotations are best. Otherwise you are asking for an interrupt and your face smashed into a rock.

I have unfortunately only implied that you should wait for your victim to come to you unless it is fleeing in fear(this mostly applies to mobs and melee players). But if it wont make it to you before it dies, then by all means start your rotation and spam exorcism. But the moment it is in your face you should be continuing on into the close range rotation I stated before. This will trip up players and you can move around making their objective that much more difficult. Use crusader strike because no player is going to just sit there and take a beating. They fight back, and the holy power will keep you alive without getting interrupted.

You will ALWAYS want to close in on ranged players since it pressures them into moving to avoid a paladins large arsenal of close range moves. This breaks their rotations and causes them to react and sometimes panic. Where as you will have a more versatile rotation that you can use to keep pressure on while they run or try to kite you. Now if you are the one to get the jump on the player, you start your rotation and if it looks like they will be running or not dieing fast enough, you must charge in and use close range instant casts and pressure them while stopping for exorcisms occasionally. If a ranged gets the jump on you, your goal is to charge them and apply pressure immediately while making sure you play catch up with your instant heals since most range are just waiting for you to stat casting a heal or spam exorcism so they can interrupt you.

Against a melee class you start your rotation and spam exorcism until they get to you, because you know they have to come to you. When they get to you they will try to kill all of your exorcism spam with line of sight by jumping through you constantly. So I usually backpedal and throw them off by moving in a circle one way then go the other way. This Is why you can't just spam exorcism. Do it when you can, but I am giving this advice to create GOOD shockadins that are versatile and just plain mean. Not to make mindless automatons that spam one button and think it will work in all situations. Now if you are the one getting jumped, you immediately start the backpedaling fight and keep the holy power flowing.

Go out there and have fun. Learn to use all of your moves, and get comfortable with generating holy power quickly. You will live longer and when you get inquisition, you will have gotten used to having so much holy power that you will also kill faster. If you do all I have said, no mob will live long enough to do anything to you and no player be able to take advantage of you. So go kick some ass.

It should be mentioned that you can drop someone comically fast by using Avenging Wrath combined with Divine Favor; even better if you have Judgments of the Pure running and Hammer them over a Consecration.

Furthermore, Crusader Strike is an excellent tool for building Holy Power while putting out (very) modest amounts of damage. This free Holy Power can be used to fuel Word of Glory for healing, allowing your Holy Shock to be used for offense. Using Crusader Strike on cooldown allows you to generate nearly 50% more Holy Power when compared to using only Holy Shock.

Having said that, there really still should be a talent deep in Holy that converts Crusader Strike into Holy Damage affected by Spell Power.

The addition of Inquisition to this build is going to make it excellent for leveling. Consider the fact that Exorcism is a very high-damage ability at base level, balanced by the fact that it has an extreme mana cost (30% base mana). Add another 30% damage from Inquisition and it suddenly becomes a bargain at the Denounce-adjusted cost of ~8% base mana.
I have two shockadins that are ret offspec. I prefer to pve ret and pvp shockadin. What I will say is that I can kill warlocks (paladin. kill. warlock.) I actually have not lost a 1v1 matchup to any class excepting a skilled and gear frost mage and a similarly skilled and geared protribution paladin. I am excited by this post because I've been playing a lot like a disc priest in BC, lots of kiting, spamming holy shock and word of glory on myself in between exorcisms as I slowly work down my target. You suggested using seal of truth/vengeance and crusader strike, ideas I had been toying with but never really tried.

Probably the most fun and satisfying part of shockadin is kiting 4-5 horde in a bg and killing them all. Solo. Something to be noted: For PvP I would recommend grabbing Light of Dawn as it is not on the same spell lockout table as the rest of your holy spells. Great for when you're counterspelled and need to last just a second longer.

Excellent post, glad to see I'm not the only one who loves this spec.
Shockadin survivability, or holy paladins in general, is down a lot now that Blessed life has been nerfed with an eight second cooldown. At this point I am thinking it would be best to just spend only one point in it and go with pursuit of justice at 85 plus the one point in blessed life. I am still not sure what to put that extra point is as of yet. But it will come to me. I would like to have blessed life on a six or five second cooldown. That is at least around the same time as our other holy power generation ability. Personally I think eight seconds was a bit drastic and maybe an over reaction.

The other nerf that is killing the shockadin and all holy paladins is the reduction of healing strength on holy shock. I am getting 5k heals and 8k crit heals with it. That is poop. I am also rounding up a bit. It looks like this is also an over reaction.

It seems both of these over reactions are due to what was happening with protector of the innocent. I feel like the nerf to protector of the innocent would have been enough since I was getting about 12-15k crit heals on shocks which isn't bad for a six second cooldown. That is barely better than holy light. You could cast two holy lights in that six second time and it would hit harder in the end. Also with full points in protector of the innocent you are better off healing somebody else with the shock instead of yourself since protector is hitting harder than the actual heal. Now that is sad, and I am guessing I just asked for another nerf. One thing that could help this is to put holy shock on a 4.5 second cooldown as I keep suggesting. With the six second cooldown on such a crap heal it is almost not worth using for anything other than a damaging spell. I hit for 7.5k crits as both heals and damage with shock. This is wrong. The heal is supposed to be the more attractive part of the spell since it is given to us as our special spell for the HEALING tree. So now we spec into a useless heal as healers. Fun.

The up side is I am hitting with shock and exorcism for about 7.5k each, so the damage is starting to look nice. But I would also like to suggest that crusader strike calculate off of spell power somehow so a holy paladin could actually use it effectively. If our survivability is so deeply pounded into the ground, it would be nice to have that traded off for some more damage. I bring this up because it looks like casters will never have their weapons scale with the same dps stats as a melee weapon.

My optimism for holy paladins is running a bit low as of now. I can only hope that they will be fixed up a bit in the future. I have personaly made quite a few suggestions in both this thread and my other ones on the healing and paladin forums. It looks like most people that see those suggestions would love those changes. Hopefully I have been heard and have been taken to heart. Keep those chins up.

"healing, holy power, spell/talent changes" is the other threads name.


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