Eight WoG in a row

My record :D

Just playing normally, used it three times, then I was like: o.O

So then I just spammed it on the tank for my amusement until it stopped, eight times total.

What's your record?
Mines around 6.
They nerfed it on the beta, you can only one WoG then you have to use the holy power left for something else, then you build up the HP again and can try for another proc.

Ret had poor survivability before they nerfed PotI after it ret took a hit that they did not need at all, and now with the change to back to back WoG they have taken another hit.

Its getting depressing.
4 is my record. Not the best but it paid off because I was about to die from an elite elemental (stormwind invasion).
Do they really lock you out of WoG until you use Inq or LoD? I can hardly believe that even Blizz would implement something that idiotic.

I think Eternal Glory will only proc once, but you can use WoG again.

So it amounts to 2 WoGs -> ShoR. Then WoG again after 3HP. It really doesn't change tooooo much.

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