Arms or Fury for leveling spec 71+

Hi guys!! First time posting on this new board here, it's very exciting! I really like the way my character isn't a generic icon anymore. Anyway, I finally scrapped up nearly enough gold to get my Northrend flying and off-spec and was looking for a few opinions.

My main spec has always been Protection, as far back as I can remember. I think it's time to get a second build to level with as Protection just isn't too much fun on single targets for me. I know, I know, pull a ton - but I would rather just bee-line from mob to mob to quest as quickly as possible since not every quest is full of "kill X amount of mobs". I have been doing randoms (or basically Utgarde Keep) and I have gotten two of the axes that the last boss drops. I can't remember the name right off the top of my head. I have also gotten the Axe of Frozen Death which leads me to my question.

I don't know whether I should go Fury or Arms as a DPS / soloing build. I would have plenty of hit rating either way, and I know that's important as Fury. I can't recall trying either of them and my current financial situation dictates I try to get a few opinions before I spend anything on the glyphs and whatnot :)

Any opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks so much!
I did 70-80 as fury, and i didn't find it particularly hard. I have also done a few levels on a friends warrior as arms and it was certainly easier.

Arms is easier, but fury isn't very hard either. If you are hoping to do pvping, i'd go arms so that you get used to it a little more. It really is a case of "whichever one you have more fun with" as more fun will always make things feel easier.
Thanks for you input, Snooptrogg. Aren't you the one who posted that epic thread about beards? I remember reading that thing one night and literally laughing out loud many times, good job!

I was thinking Arms as well but since I really don't understand the concept of why it's better I was afraid to try it out. Seems to me (and please don't criticize) that two massive axes would be better than one. Is it an issue of how the abilities scale or mainly an issue of hit rating?
The reason arms was slightly easier was that you didn't find yourself rage starved as often, and it was a lot easier to get the stats required to make it less painful. I found that compared to when i had leveled on snoop as fury, i was able to hit more buttons as rage was not in as short supply. being able to hit more buttons meant things got hit harder which meant they died sooner. Even at 80 arms was usually going to produce better dps numbers up until you started getting some 219+ gear, then fury would start pulling ahead. But as you leveled arms was always a little easier to get enough hit/expertise/whatever you needed to put out decent numbers.

But as i said, the difference is not that huge, and if you try out fury and really like it, or even if you think you might like fury purely based on the aesthetic appeal of running around like a psychotic berserker with two giant weapons, then go fury and enjoy it.
It would be a guilty pleasure to see myself wielding two massive axes. I could probably handle it since I'm so damn stout.

I'll probably try out Arms first though so I'm not as reliant on stats as they'll be changing throughout my leveling. Thanks again Snoop!

Anyone else care to chime in?
Since patch 4.0.1 fury has been awesome to level with. Im able to tae 4-5 mobs at once and end it with >98% hp every time. Blood thirst and victory rush keeps my hp very full, add in that enrage heal at 76 and your good to go.

I have been taking hit when I can, rght now I have 8% ht at 76 and fnd have no rage problems at all. I think fury is better than arms now alot more fun then arms.
I agree with Wa. I like fury atm on my warrior he 64 atm. its fun and always full health.

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