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Wyrmrest Accord
This is something I've been mulling over for a while. Well, that and I just listened to some epic Twilight's Hammer music from Cataclysm... but anywho: have any of you Accordians gone and chosen a character of yours (be it a main or alt) that has secretly been in the Twilight's Hammer cult for years? Maybe they just joined?

The reason I ask is because I haven't seen a lot of higher levels that have had a pretty good reputation within their community/group/friends suddenly go evil, it tends to only really be alts or lower levels. I'm pretty sure I know why: because people aren't looking to commit themselves to being evil and then ending up dying. But to get back on topic, as stated above, has anyone done something like that? Perhaps you were waiting until the peak of the invasion and now you've suddenly burst forth and added to the havoc being caused?

EDIT: The "epic music" I refer to is this:
Galinae here may or may not become a double agent plant in the cult working for the Magistry. I have the full three-piece Twilight Trappings set in case I go with it.

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