Moon Guard
That's right. Next wednesday, at 7pm (or nearest to, cuz of the elemental invasion) I, Chronias Lightstone will be holding a sermon on unity, and its importance in these trying times. I encourage you all to join, as the more that know, the more that agree can spread the word.

-OOC part below

Yeah, it'll be at 7pm server time, with myself giving the sermon.
I do want you guys to keep the comments, questions, and criticisms to yourself until I'm finished, which I'll be more than happy to address them all.
This is not me promoting we unify and steal all the dwarves' beer, or punt all the gnomes... or even chop down the elves' trees. I'm promoting unity in the Alliance as a whole. /nod

Now, if this does seem somewhat interesting to you, whisper me, mail me ingame, or post on this forum sayin you want to join.

I'm Chronias Lightstone, and I approve this message.
Bump. >.> Please join me there?
((Finally! I was thinking of doing one myself, but people rage when Draenei give sermons apparently. I'll try to be there :) Send me a mail in game if there's anything I can do to help!))
How about the Cathedral of umadbr0?
I used to give sermons almost everyday. I used to be known as the chick who gave sermons, Confessor. Then someone shot me. So I stopped. And it made me sad.
How about the Cathedral of umadbr0?

Standards != Anger

Meh. If I do say something that makes umadbr0, wait until after to stick your hoof up my ass. :P
...people rage when Draenei give sermons apparently.
They do? Whyever for?

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