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Guild Recruitment
The impending cataclysm will create a landscape where guilds have an increased role in the overall experience that we have as players in WoW. With this in mind, Great Old Ones has begun a thoughtful recruiting process. The benefits to being a member of a strong guild have never been clearer. Some of the reasons that we are recruiting for Cataclysm are:

1. We want a responsible, social element to our WoW experience. If you think trade chat is fantastic fun, this may not be the guild for you. We allow good hearted fun behavior of nearly all types, but our overall goal is to have an atmosphere of respect and mutual benefit.

2. We want a strong pool of talent to draw from when the time comes to face the difficulties of the new Heroic Dungeons and raids. Those of you that have been in the beta will agree that guild groups will have a MUCH easier time. Easier time = More loot for you! (and me!)

3. Once end game cataclysm raiding is available, we want to have a team that is capable of taking down every single encounter in the raid tier before the next raid tier is released. Heroic modes included. We want you to have that fancy new drake and title!

4. From our perspective, smaller guilds will be at a disadvantage in Cataclysm...we don't want to be at a disadvantage...do you?

5. We want to develop a group of members that are among the most competent and most successful on the server. This means people that intend to help the guild grow, in order to reap the rewards that come later.

Great Old Ones is a social raiding guild on Silvermoon (A) looking to increase our membership in preparation for Cataclysm. We are recruiting those that are looking for a long term group that has "casual focus" as a guild. All players above level 60 are welcome to apply.

Our raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm-11pm server and we are still currently raiding ICC.

If you are interested in adding your effort to a greater goal, please feel free to submit an application on http://goo.guildportal.com

Note: you may need to sign up with Guild Portal before you are allowed to fill out the application.

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