What do you think, aside from damage, do ferals provide enough to be viable in arena come cata? I've always loved my feral, but rolled a rogue because I always felt that druids were pure damage. This was before skullbash and insta cyclones. Now that we have those, and insta roots, and thorns that really hurt, do you think we have the tools to be competitive?

While I love the damage we're doing now, it might get nerfed, so I'm looking more at mechanics.
Considering we do most of our damage through bleeds I'd say druids are always gonna be fairly strong pvp wise. Bleeds just can't be dispelled like almost every other form of dots (save for BoP) which makes them a pain for rogues and a good way to keep up solid pressure if you can't burst a target down. If you include the insta cyclones, roots, and thorns with our new interrupt? That just really adds to our utility and makes us very close to rogues in that regard.
We were viable in WotLK, just not to the extent of Rogues. Because of their extra utility, they were able to fit themselves into a wide variety of comps while Feral was mostly limited to 3-4 workable comps. In Cata, all of that has changed. The main Rogue advantage, their 50% MS, was marginalized, and Feral's utility is still very strong. So yes, we'll be extremely competitive if they keep the damage at a good level.

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