Ideas for a Choose Your Own Adventure?

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I'm making a bit of a CYOA using GHI to share with my server at Wrymcrest and I need ideas.

They can be just for plain amusement or be dramatic and epic. And it doesn't have to stick to WoW lore, since it -is- a novel in the game.

Any ideas?
It would be better if it was lore-based.

As for ideas. Hell, if could be anything.
Say you rode a train.

Wait, bad idea.. Ummmmm.

Say you rode a wild kodo. Add in what you discovered about the kodo, and make it lore-wise.

It's all on lore, and how you arrange it.

Kodos have rather thick skin that can deflect *something something and something*.
Instead of
Kodos can deflect *blah blah something and blah*. Kodos have thick skin that can ---

Do the thing organized, neat, lorely, and add in a little imagination and creation. Add in some crazy things from your universe and mix.

BOOM! epic thing
A woman discovers a new place in Azeroth but for the sake of the people who lived there she had to keep it secret so that King Varian Wrynn or Garrosh Hellscream wouldn't try to kill their kind? I don't know O.o

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