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Soul Society is a North American Pacific Standard Time guild on the Proudmoore US Server. Most our guild members play in the late afternoon to late evening. We are 21 accounts strong and growing.

We are currently raiding 10 man content (ICC+) on Tuesdays from 9pm server and ending around 12am server. We usually will have a follow up raid during the weekend or Monday before reset.

We are currently looking for active players who wish to continue with the current content as well as participate in guild leveling and reputation in the new expansion.

We are looking for all classes, specs and levels. We want people who love to play and are looking to be part of an active and friendly community. The upcoming expansion makes being part of a guild important and we'd love to welcome new skillful players to our community.

We ask that interested players please be at least 18+ and of a mature mind set.

If you are interested please let us know here, or you can inquire with anyone online in the guild for an inviter.

You must read our rules and confirm you understand them before being invited.

Our invite rules are here: http://soulsocietyguild.patrickbetts.net/index.php?topic=18.0

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to playing with you!

Just want to say I have a good time in this guild. I don't speak much as i suck at typing while doing instances but these guys are nice and helpful if i have questions.
Yes!! This is always a User friendly Guild and we Love to help any of our members when we have a chance!

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