Suggestion for Hit BoxeS

Well, I have a solution. I am not sure how easily this can be done or how fast it could be
implemented. BUT, couldn't every model have TWO HIT BOXES (capitals denote being
astounded, not derision of the developer staff. you may have already thought of this)?

First hit box is large for melee based attacks. If you are within this hit box, you can use a melee attack. It has no effect on ranged attacks.

Second box is a reversal. If you are out of this hit box, but within your maximum attack range, you are allowed to use ranged attacks. Or it's just a tiny hit box that does affect ranged attacks. More below for reading ease...
OK, I really wish I had thought of this sooner but a discussion I saw last week, about hunters having room removed in order to let melee space out, really brought this to mind. Fights like Marrowgar involve a boss with an insanely large hit box so that the melee combatants can spread out around him and not necessarily be stacked on top of each other with limited movement and view. In this situation, Hunters lose out. We have a finite range at which to shoot from, as great as that might be, and even then the confines of the rooms would leave us pressed for space and maneuverability. Increasing the area for melee leads to subtracting from viable space for hunters, leaving us out of certain strategies and many AoE heals and buffs. Again, Marrowgar: Everyone stack on the bosses butt....except huntards.

You can fiddle around with the sizes as need be, even incorporate them into pvp if you wish/have to do it. It still leaves us hunters with that horrible dead-zone you insist is a part of our class (I DO NOT want to discuss how much I disagree with that here. start a new thread). But, while we still have this minimum distance to manage, my hunter wont be pinned to the wall in a corner trying to avoid a boss with 2D maneuvers in a place where the rest of my raid group can't see me and I can barely see the fight.
Yes. Something that should have been in the game for a while. Just not on their list of priorities. Giant hit boxes benefit 6 classes (dep on spec), 3 classes don't care, and frustrates the %*#@ out of just 1. Guess who.
i guess this just isnt as big of an issue to everyone as I thought.
I haven't had a big problem with hit boxes. Stacking on Marrowgar isn't necessary and the fight is super easy. On LK you only need to run in for a second.
you might want to consider placing this in the damage dealing forum.

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