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With Cataclysm just around the corner I am indeed making a Goblin day 1. Trouble is, what class? Well after much consideration I've narrowed it down to 2 classes: shaman and warlock. In your experiences, what do you enjoy playing as both classes? How easy are they to level up? How are they in end game? If I play as a shaman in end game will I be expected to heal? If I decide to go with a shaman I plan on going Elemental. As for Warlock I'd pick Affliction most likely but possibly Demonology. I'm torn between these two. I've played both classes for a short amount of time a few years ago, and I think I want to make either a Goblin Warlock or Goblin Shaman as my new Cataclysm main. Any advice, thoughts, opinions?
Enhance shaman leveling is awesome. You have no downtime. You never die. You can solo elite quests. And it's super easy now because you start with dual weild, essentially. You get it at level 10 now.

Late game, no, you will not be expected to heal. But you have the choice to if you feel like it. Also, you have the choice between heavy burst caster and melee, rather than warlock, who's high control caster with on par burst.
This isnt really a question anybody can answer for you. shamans and warlocks play very differently. I heavily prefer warlock, but some people prefer shaman. Just play a bit of both and see what you like.
I like Warlocks better just because i like to use magic and i like to summon demons and crap to help me.
take the test. itll tell you.

I just took the test and I got Priest lol. Not what I wanted. Anyway. I think I'll go with shaman so at least I will have the option of healing. Thanks for the responses.
I got Druid, only class I have never really played.

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