Question regarding updated Loremaster

Alright. As someone who has Loremaster, I read the new changes to the achievement with mostly interest in seeing that I will retain my achievement/title upon release of Cata, however, I did have a new question rise....

How will the Loremaster of *insert zone here* additions effect me? Will I be grandfathered the various zone achievements based on my Pre-Cata quest completion? (and see a rather massive jump in Achievement Points on patch day), will I not have any of them, and be able to go through the revamped zones and gain these new achievements? Or will I simply be locked out from getting the new ones?

Thank you for any assistance!
" For those who do have Loremaster of Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms completed already, you can still go back and get the new achievements for questing in individual zones on those continents."

If you already have Loremaster, The way I understand it to work is...

If the quest is still in the game and you have completed it, that quest will give you credit towards the specific zone.

Zones that did not receive any new quests should give you an automatic complete and point boost on patch day.

and.. Zones that have had a huge overhaul with lots of new quests, you will have to go do those new quests to complete the zone.

I hope that helped answer some of your questions! I'm so looking forward to doing all the new questies! /squeal
That's how I understand it too, Helias. Otherwise there would be no way for us that already did almost all of the old world quests to go back and get the new achievements.
@Helias Where was that posted? I guess I must've slipped it. Anyway, if that's how it indeed goes, I, too am squealing with joy. New old zones... <3

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