Season 9 Comps!

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For my mage, who's my main...

Rogue Mage 2s
RMP 3s
Whatever wizard team 5s

For my paladin who's going to be prot or ret whatever ends up being more efficient...

Paladin/Rshaman 2s
Paladin/Fmage/Rshaman 3s (this comp mainly because it's the toons my friends play)
Paladin/Arms/Heals 3s
12/13/2010 9:19 AMPosted by Zybak
Feral/Arms/Holy (Kitty Cleave)

I'm going to replace that Warrior with a DK. Should be a good comp from what I've heard.
War Enh Shaman HPally

Enh Shaman Lock Druid

Feral Druid Lock Hpally

TSG is gona be very powerful this season. HoJ, Takedown, Strangulate = Dead Healer.

Boomkins r particularly good with anything that can keep people in place. I was thinking Warriors with IMP HS or Boomkin + Mage + Resto Shaman would be amazing.
debating on trying out a Hpaly shadow cleave or enh, warrior, Hpally
Honestly, I feel in this expansion, its all about cc more then burst. does anyone agree with me?

P.s. therefore i feel RMP will dominate this season
I'm undecided if I want to run RMP or something as Shadow this season but a lot of people are saying RMP and I can really see it working! With the new mages and rogues avilities is like blizzard wanted to give RMP a better shot this season! Well I have a question which race will be the best for a priest and which faction will be the best for RMP now that they nerfed the human "Every man by itself" to 3 min Cd and this being a CC season?
hunter/mage and RMP for 3's naturally

I like a challenge =3
i think ill roll TSG and #!@* peoples faces instead of using a hunter, since hunters arnt to hot anymore. hunters will definitly become targets now that its alot easier to ride them
Planning on keeping this guy resto for all of my 2s. Probably going to run with my paladin friend who wants to stay ret. With two interrupts, magic dispells now, and between all totem bonuses I can see it working.

Would love to find a comp in 3s to run enhance with, too.
ive tested both specs for Death Knights and this is the best season to run Frost the burst dmg is just sic !!! however unholy continues to be useful allowing alot of dmg to come from dmg spreads like 3v3

dk-frost/ h pally
dk-frost/ warr/ h pally
dk-frost/destro lock/h pally

Reduced cooldown DG with a early hungering cold setup will blow trinkets early on setting up a 2nd hungering cold kill with a easy 6 sec strangulate and whether its a warr/ or lock for 3s you will burst your kill target easily for the win
RMP and WLD most likely
Feral Druid, Destro Lock, Holy Pally
comps are cool for play differing thing
03/25/2016 04:53 PMPosted by Slavegrilxo
comps are cool for play differing thing


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