Noob rogue: Main hand/Off hand for Sublety

I recently started a rogue after a long break from WoW. The last time I played a rogue was all the way back in class/vanilla.

It has always been to my understanding that I should put the dagger with higher damage range on the main hand, so that my ambushes and backstabs do more damage. And then a fast dagger on the off hand for poison procs.

But someone told me that I should swap my weapons around and they didn't give me a reason for it. So I was thinking, has something changed and my way of reasoning is wrong, or was that guy just messing with me?
for subtlety I would use a dagger for the main hand for ambush/backstab
so which is prefered for OH? slow or fast?

im currently using slow, and im having problems procing crippling early in the encounter (w/o shiv).

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