How's this look?

Switched from Ret to Prot a few weeks ago for my casual guild. Did the research and tried to get my spec and gear squared away for ICC 10 tanking.

How'd I do? Any suggestions for improvement?

Gear, gems, chants look fine overall. Normally I would cringe at seeing Ick's, but obviously it's not so bad when you can reforge mastery. One suggestion I have is to pickup a slow dps weapon. They actually do make a significant difference on threat now that we are designed around slow weapons. The wrathful 1 handers are pretty easy to get if you don't have one from ICC. They have a socket, and offer more stamina over the 251 tank weapons. The drawback is a little less avoidance, but the threat is just so much better.

Talent choices look fine. I'd personally take a point from somewhere else and finish out Guarded by the Light, but it's a personal choice if you aren't pushing progression content. Good call on not picking up hallowed ground, I see some people take that, and then skip something like Reckoning. There's nothing wrong with hallowed ground, but with the ammount of talents we have right now it isn't something I would pickup outside of a special build.

I'm sure someone will notice something I haven't, but overall you seem to be on the right track!
I've read about getting a 2.6 speed weapon, but with the balancing of so many stats, I can't find one quite worth it, yet.

The odd gems were carefully choosen to make the required stats (hit and exp) clear the suggested caps, and still give me some stamina or avoidance.

It's funny to see how the crying players that come on and rant about poor tanking have pages of replies when they want (or at least ask) for help.

I had a fairly easy time getting some decent gear and picking up tanking. It's not easy by any means, but there's enough useful information out to help a player tank.


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